Zoe Kestan: Hunter Biden's ex-GF tells grand jury about his lavish spending habits

Zoe Kestan: Hunter Biden's ex-GF tells grand jury about his lavish spending habits
Zoe Kestan (R) claimed that she was 'dumped' by Hunter Biden (L) after she urged him to get off drugs (Mitchell Layton/Getty Images, Instagram)

A source has revealed that the grand jury looking at evidence in the Hunter Biden tax investigation heard nearly five hours of testimony from an ex-girlfriend who claims she was dumped after urging President Joe Biden's son Hunter to get off drugs.

28-year-old Zoe Kestan sat before the panel in Wilmington, Delaware, on Tuesday, February 22, a source with knowledge of her testimony told the New York Post. Kestan took the witness stand immediately after an appearance by Lunden Roberts, a former stripper with whom 52-year-old Biden has an out-of-wedlock child. Kestan, a lingerie and textile designer, was probed about Biden's whereabouts and spending habits in 2018 when they attended a series of art show openings and parties on Manhattan's Lower East Side, the insider told the newspaper.


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In her testimony, Kestan recalled shacking up with Hunter Biden at lavish hotels including the Four Seasons, Mercer, SIXTY SoHo, and Soho Grand hotels in Manhattan and at the Hollywood Roosevelt, NoMad, and Jeremy West Hollywood in Los Angeles. According to the source, Kestan also testified about a month-long stay at LA’s celebrity-friendly Chateau Marmont, where former 'Saturday Night Live' star John Belushi died of an overdose in 1982. That said, according to Biden's 2021 memoir 'Beautiful Things', it's also the place where he admittedly “learned how to cook crack” before being “blacklisted” over complaints about his drug use during a five-month period in 2018. Kestan told the jury that Hunter Biden instructed her to withdraw “thousands of dollars at a time” from ATMs and showered her with cash to purchase, clothing, meals, etc., but she had no idea where the money came from.

Zoe Kestan attends American Gods & Now Apocalypse Live Viewing Party At #TwitterHouse at Lustre Pearl on March 10, 2019, in Austin, Texas (Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Starz)


While Hunter Biden made no mention of Kestan in his memoir, a 48-minute audio recording of the two of them went viral online in October. According to The Post, the source of the recording is unclear and it appears to combine two conversations that took place at different times. Kestan reportedly said in the recording that “one of my flaws, one of my devilish sides, is that I like to talk about things like you because I like to show off. Duh.” She added, “Do you think that the night that we had sex I wasn’t texting like three people being like: I’m lying in bed with this incredible man?” According to the source, federal agents tracked Kestan down at her apartment in New York City and gave her the subpoena to testify before the grand jury after her name had surfaced during their probe involving Hunter Biden. The probe is reportedly centered around Biden's suspicious overseas business dealings. 

The insider with knowledge of Kestan's testimony said Biden apparently impregnated Lunden Roberts, who successfully sued him for paternity of her daughter, 3, shortly before meeting Kestan, whose 2018 birthday preceded the birth of Roberts' daughter by two days. The source said that Biden never told Kestan about Roberts or their child. She apparently also felt "super crazy" after learning that the President's son married his second wife, Melissa Cohen, after a six-day romance in May 2019.

Hunter Biden attends the T&C Philanthropy Summit on May 28, 2014, in New York City (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for Town & Country)


According to the source, Kestan told the jury she's responsible for Biden's professed sobriety as well as his new career as a painter because she was “with him at the craziest point of his life” and told him that “art was a great way to see a hopeful future, rather than using drugs." Kestan feels she was "ditched" after a relationship during which Biden was "adamant" that she used birth control, the insider added. 

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