Who is Lunden Roberts? Hunter Biden's 'stripper' baby mama worked for him when she got pregnant, show texts

Roberts was reportedly pregnant with Biden's child and new text messages from his laptop reveal he was aware of her despite feigning ignorance

                            Who is Lunden Roberts? Hunter Biden's 'stripper' baby mama worked for him when she got pregnant, show texts
Lunden Roberts (Arkansas State University) and Hunter Biden (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images)

A woman sued Hunter Biden in an Arkansas court for child support, in 2019, a claim the PresidentJoe Biden's son slammed at the time. But text messages now reveal that Hunter did indeed know the woman, Lunden Roberts. It also shows the lengths Biden went to, to ignore her even though she was reportedly the only 'Lunden' he knew. 

This is the latest revelation from Hunter's laptop, which has for months caused a massive headache and embarrassment to both Hunter and the president. In early May, emails revealed a 'personal' relationship Biden had with JiaQi Bao, a secretary. He also reportedly shot multiple pornographic videos with prostitutes, before uploading them to websites like PornHub. He's also been forced to publicly defend his relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother Beau. Now, the texts prove the true cost of Hunter's drug-fuelled sex escapades. He reportedly ignored multiple messages from Roberts and even stripped her of her healthcare just after the couple's daughter Navy Joan was born. 


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Who is Lunden Roberts?

Reportedly, Roberts worked as a stripper in Washington DC, at the Mpire Club frequented by Hunter. The Sun reported that she used the stage name 'Dallas', and was an employee there when she met him and became pregnant. That happened in late 2017 when Hunter had just broken up with Hallie. 

The Daily Mail, who published the texts, notes that when she became pregnant, Roberts got a job at his firm in Rosemont Seneca. It is unclear what her job was at the firm, and when she left, but it was sometime in 2018. She then moved to Arkansas, where she is originally from. A Heavy article notes that Roberts was an all-conference and all-state basketball player and an all-state softball player. She represented Arkansas State University (ASU), where she graduated in 2014 with a degree in interdisciplinary studies.

Originally from Batesville, Roberts studied at Southside-Batesville High School, till 2009. She then attended Western Illinois, before transferring to ASU. According to a family member, she was studying crime scene investigation and working with the FBI in Washington DC. It is unclear what she is doing now, since moving back to Arkansas. All of Roberts' social media profiles have been taken down so it is unclear where she is employed. Reportedly, Roberts enrolled in George Washington University in 2015 but never graduated.

Lunden Roberts in a old photo. (Lunden Roberts via MySpace)

Texts link Roberts to Hunter

While Hunter may have claimed he had "no recollection" of Roberts, his leaked texts tell an entirely different story. In July 2018, she first texted, "Just called to check in on you." That was when she was around six months pregnant. A week later she wrote, "Amoeba DD Sep 8, 2018 all good." Then in August, she texted him several times, but never received a response. She repeatedly wrote, "Reached out a few times, it's clear you don't want to be reached. Need to talk to you. If you feel the need to reach out, my line is always open. Hope all is well." 

December 2018 texts from his assistant Katie Dodge reveal that Hunter then booted Roberts out of the company's healthcare plan. Those texts revealed that a woman named "Lunden" was on the company's payroll for the past nine months, but that she was removed in December. "No Lunden's removal doesn't jeopardize insurance," Dodge texted Hunter. The Mail compared those exchanges with Hunter's contacts book and found Roberts to be the only Lunden listed. 

April 2017 texts from Hallie reveal that Roberts and Hunter knew each other for at least several months prior. Hallie accused Hunter of cheating on her with "Lundon", eventually leading Hallie to end the relationship. Hunter also mentions Roberts, but not by name in his autobiography 'Beautiful Things'. He writes "I was a mess, but a mess I've taken responsibility for" over the lawsuit Roberts filed. 

According to reports, Hunter settled the case with Roberts out of court after DNA test results showed that he was indeed the father. It was not made public how much he agreed to pay, but documents show he would pay child support and health insurance for Navy Joan. That came after Hunter initially contested he wasn't the father, but agreed to undergo a DNA test, the results which proved the paternity suit. 

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