Out of a job? Here's what you can do to earn when the going gets tough

Career Experts Zippia's employment guide provides remote job options when the threat of unemployment weighs down

                            Out of a job? Here's what you can do to earn when the going gets tough
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The mandatory lockdown is in full effect in various countries around the world, especially now that the global count of confirmed COVID-19 cases has reached 638,146 and the disease has accounted for more than 30,105 deaths (both numbers according to WHO). The US has been the worst hit, with 103,321 positive cases and 1,668 fatalities.

President Trump has now extended the social distancing guidelines until April 30  and called for Americans to self-isolate for the foreseeable future. The coronavirus has seen the world economy take a complete nosedive and people are expressing panic over tight finances. While many are still working from the comfort of their homes, many have been forced to go out of employment simply because they cannot avail of the work-from-home option.

For this very reason, Zippia, the career expert, has compiled a guide for those unemployed and in isolation. It helps navigate those in search of a means of earning by helping them figure out their situation and also provides options to apply for remote jobs. Here's how you can earn by working from home during the coronavirus.

Businesses that are open and hiring

Many industries may have canceled vacancies and stopped hiring, but others have an increasing demand for employees. Here is a list comprising all the bricks-and-mortar companies where you can still seek a traditional job.

Among the business that will remain open amid the crisis are the essential industries. They may differ in every city and state by default, of course, but the businesses that support necessary functions will remain open and you have a high chance of being employed there. These include supermarkets, grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, gas stations, hardware stores, healthcare operations, daycare centers or childcare, sanitation, manufacturing essential goods, mail services, agriculture, veterinarians, pet stores and auto-mechanic shops.

Besides the essential industries, many large businesses have also announced that they're hiring personnel for their work-force. They are hiring thousands of personnel for their workforce, for available positions of warehouse workers, delivery drivers (with their own vehicles and valid insurance), cooks, managers, shoppers. The vacancies are subject to employment benefits like paid sick leaves and bonuses, as well. The companies that have applications open right now are Amazon, Dollar General, Domino's, CVS, Costco, Papa John's, Pizza Hut, Instacart, and Walmart.

Online jobs you can do with little to no experience

The elderly population, high-risk, those that have been exposed to COVID-19 or are just cautious and would rather not leave their homes would be more comfortable with work-from-home or remote jobs. All you would require to be eligible for these jobs is an active internet connection and an understanding of your role, from the description provided by the company. 

In terms of an online job, you can opt to be employed as a data entry associate, medical biller coder, customer service agent, telemarketer, virtual assistant, order specialist and online tutor. Head on to Zippia, to read more about the available positions.

Major platforms to find quick work online

Zippia has compiled a list of all the online job platforms that you can use or access to find job opportunities, with good pay, quickly. These include Upwork, Fiverr, Chegg Tutor, Rev, VIPKid, UserTesting, eBay, Amazon Turk, Clickworker, Zirtual, Swagbucks, InboxDollars and italki.

Read more about the job websites and their remuneration provision on Zippia.

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