'Spider-Man' star Zendaya and her love affair with spunky fashion

Zendaya's Instagram is enough to provide you fashion inspiration on any given day. Simply put, if you're following her, you won't go wrong

                            'Spider-Man' star Zendaya and her love affair with spunky fashion
Zendaya (Source : Getty Images)

What goes around, comes around. This rings true, especially for fashion. A lot of what the 2000s discarded as outdated — dungarees, denim skirts, combat boots, chokers, crop tops, and matching sets — is making a comeback. But what is taking our fancy is Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman in high-waisted jeans.

Going through Zendaya's Instagram is like going through a time capsule — her social media page takes you back some decades. And, to indulge our collective nostalgia about a time and fashion being lost, we simply cannot stop marveling at how she makes the best out of past trends. The 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' actress posted a picture on her Instagram sporting a pair of high-waisted jeans with a T-shirt and looking like a complete candy. 

The outfit is her latest collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger, which is a celebration of 70s icons, channeling the bold and confident woman. The entire collection circles around suits, wrap dresses, blazers and satin shirts, along with playful rainbow and zodiac-inspired prints. While we found the whole collection worth a second look, it was only Zendaya slaying the high-waisted jeans look that had us thinking, is she the queen of high-waisted jeans or what?

Even when Zendaya is just taking some golden hour snaps, she sports high-waisted jeans with exactly the ease the pair is known for.

In fact, we like the high-waisted look on Zendaya so much, that we don't mind the occasional trade-off with a pair of pants. Especially when they are paired with those boots.

High-waisted jeans aside, Zendaya is a celebrity who doesn't hesitate to cash in on other trends. We are particularly loving her rocking some heavy printed silk suits because why not — she is a #BossWoman. 

Apart from the grace and ease with which she sports high-waisted jeans, we really appreciate how Zendaya plays with heavy prints — it is one ensemble that she never goes wrong with. From printed suits to even combining plaid with plaid, heavy prints are often found to be a style statement that often gives a very busy finished look — it won't be a stretch if you think of it as flamboyant. But Zendaya transforms this very busy outfit into a sophisticated look.

If combining plaid over checks isn't enough, just consider this look for a minute. What all is not going on in this picture: there is a pair of pants, a skirt, a plain shirt, a neck accessory, and a trench coat! And all of it is working in perfect sync! In fact, we would have discouraged this look on anyone else (Kim Kardashian, we're looking at you).

So it turns out that if you're following Zendaya, you can never go wrong with fashion. Inspiration or awe, the actress is bound to instill something in you.