Zayn Malik 'Vibez': Release date, concept, teaser and all about the new single fans have been waiting for

Zayn Malik's new song takes inspiration from theater as he shared another teaser featuring St George Theatre in New York City

                            Zayn Malik 'Vibez': Release date, concept, teaser and all about the new single fans have been waiting for
Zayn Malik (Getty Images)

Here's some big news for Zayn Malik's fans. The 27-year-old 'Like I Would' singer is set to drop a new song and accompanying music video this week.

Check out the new teaser preview and here is all you need to know about the single.

Release date and title

Malik's new track is reportedly titled 'Vibez and is dropping sometime on January 8.


It's unclear at this point what the exact theme of the song will be but there are a few hints. Zayn posted a teaser video on Twitter that runs for just 12 seconds, but it reveals a bit of the song's music. A muffled R&B-esque melody plays with smooth slide-ins of jazzy keys. There's a coat of melancholy to it while being underlined by Zayn's slickness. 

The video features a dim-lit theater with red curtains on its stage and the announcement "TOMORROW" displayed in bold. Just before the clip ends, the curtains open to what appears to be the singer on a platform with blue neon lights. Zayn further kept the ambiguous nature of his teaser by not including a caption, but fans may remember a similar Instagram Story that he posted last month featuring a cryptic picture of the renowned St George Theatre situated in New York City.

'Vibez' is also rumored to appear on a new album titled 'Nobody Is Listening'. According to Wonderland Magazine, his new full-length is set to drop on January 15. The new LP follows his 'Icarus Falls' sophomore album, which released in 2018, and his 2016 solo debut project 'Mind of Mine'. Zayn also dropped his song 'Better' in September, which is around the time he and Gigi Hadid welcomed their first child. In a recent interview with Entertainment Daily, Malik spoke of the new album, describing it as his "most personal project to date", and has been careful with its promotion.



Fan reactions

While the teaser is trending on Twitter, fans are in a frenzy over the upcoming song and album. Even MTV UK dropped in comments to share their excitement, saying, "Thanking you in advance for whatever you're about to bless us with."

"Is this supposed to be a movie king?" asks a fan while another says, "I’ve been waiting for this one." One fan writes, "petition for zayn to give us some context or all of us will combust, rt to sign." Another fan added, "OH MY GOD???!!! AND TO THINK I WAS JUST ABOUT TO GO TO SLEEP."







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