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'Don't be a d**k': Zach Wilson's mother Lisa hits back at troll who attacked her parenting

'So this isn't like a threat or anything, it's just kind of a warning,' Lisa said on her Instagram story
Lisa Wilson (R), mother of Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson (L) warned trolls on the internet to think before they type (LifeAccording2Lisa/Instagram)
Lisa Wilson (R), mother of Jets Quarterback Zach Wilson (L) warned trolls on the internet to think before they type (LifeAccording2Lisa/Instagram)

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson's mother, Lisa Wilson, took to Instagram to share a hate message she received. She was quick to warn the trolls about the "repercussions" of saying things online without giving them much thought.

"Who are you giving parenting advice to? You know you can just parent your kids without telling the world about it. Look at your f*cked-up family," the direct message from the troll read. "OK, sometimes we need a sacrificial lamb. Don't be a d*ck. I'm not in the mood. Yes, I often post d*ck comments. I don't believe in cyberbullying," she wrote on her Instagram story.


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In an Instagram story, Lisa said, "So this isn't like a threat or anything, it's just kind of a warning. See, I just believe if you're willing to type something out and send it out into the universe, that there are sometimes repercussions. One time I posted somebody's little kind comment and some of my followers contacted his mother. Contacted his employer."

"I didn't tell them to. I just thought that if he was willing to share it with me, he would want to share it with everybody. Two years later, he was begging me to remove the comment. So, all I'm telling you is maybe think before you type. Think before you send something out, hit enter into cyberspace. You never know who may be reading it," she concluded.


Her 22-year-old son, who is gearing up for his sophomore season with the Jets, has recently been embroiled in some drama. Football player and Zach's former best friend, Dax Milne, posted images with Zach's former girlfriend, Abbey Gile, on his Instagram. The duo received negative comments from people for supposedly betraying Zach and dating each other.

Abbey responded to a hate comment and alleged that Zach cheated on her with his mother's best friend. "He was sleeping with his mom's best friend... that's the real homie hopper [x2 laughing face emojis]." The @abbey.giles account has since been deleted, as per reports. The accusation went viral, with people commenting on it and making memes of the situation.




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Zach and Dax have reportedly unfollowed each other on social media. Meanwhile, Zach and Abbey dated for years, but the two deleted all images of each other earlier this year following their breakup. The quarterback has recently been linked to New Jersey-based influencer Nicolette Dellano, who attended a Yankees game with him in June.

Lisa is known for sharing parenting, renovation, household, and cooking advice on her Instagram with her 107k+ followers. "Learn how to balance marriage, moming, and household. While still having a Boss life of your own," her bio reads.


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