Yungblud gives fans first listen of new song 'The Emperor' on 'The Yungblud Show', raises awareness on BLM

Yungblud debuted a new song 'The Emperor' and also raised awareness for the Black Lives Matter movement on his YouTube series 'The Yungblud Show'

                            Yungblud gives fans first listen of new song 'The Emperor' on 'The Yungblud Show', raises awareness on BLM
Yungblud (Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

English singer-songwriter Yungblud debuted his new song 'The Emperor' on a live stream of his YouTube series 'The Yungblud Show' on June 25. Episode 3 (his first episode in two months) began with Yungblud announcing there will be special guests before he introduced the new song with, "And first up some rock and roll. This song is called 'The Emperor'. It's not been released yet. I can't wait for you to see it."

Fueled by rock and roll, the song gets heavily distorted guitars and a punk beat, with verses in similar sonic resonance to Arctic Monkeys. In the grainy home-made style recording of the song, we see Yungblud taking over every inch of the set, dancing with the mic stand, and kicking up a rockstar frenzy. 

Halfway through the 26-minute clip, Yungblud also spoke about George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement. "So, after the atrocities of the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, it was incredible to see the fight against the injustice that has been shown to the black community of hundreds of years," he said. Before introducing activist Kenidra Woods onto the show, Yungblud also said, "We need to eliminate the discrimination against people just for the color of their skin." Yungblud assured fans that he is using the series to raise awareness and funds for Black Lives Matter.

In the interview with Woods, she said, "It always starts with compassion, so you always have to have compassion for another human being. It has to be in your mindset and in your thought process before you can even grasp the concept of, 'Why are you saying Black lives matter?'" She continued, "When I was 13, I was thrust into activism. I didn't wait on anybody to tell me like, 'Go do this. Go change the world.'" Woods added, "I'm like, 'This needs to change. I'm tired of seeing this, so I'm gon' go do it!'"

Fans were quick to fall in love with the show and appreciated Yungblud's efforts for BLM. "I was feeling pretty miserable and bad earlier before I remembered you were going to be streaming the show and now I feel better! thank you so much for everything you do for your fans, thank you for your music, and thank you for being you! happy pride month and black lives always matter!" said a fan while another wrote, "That was the First time I could rock at home and let it all out and jump 'round in the house!! I love y'all!!!" Another fan said, "Let's take a moment and appreciate the fact that all the donations are going to BLM. FOOKIN LOVE YA DOM."


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