Is ‘Rap Freaks’ inspired by ‘Barbie Dreams’? Fans say Yung Miami’s song is 'epic fail'

Hip-hop fans compared Yung's new release with that of Nicki Minaj’s 2018 iconic song ‘Barbie Dreams’ where she had pulled out the same stunt

                            Is ‘Rap Freaks’ inspired by ‘Barbie Dreams’? Fans say Yung Miami’s song is 'epic fail'
Yung Miami in a still from 'Rap Freaks' (Photo by [email protected])

Yung Miami, whose real name is Caresha Romeka Brownlee, released one of the hottest tracks on Friday, October 29. The City Girls member broke the Internet after she name-dropped a couple of rappers in the song ‘Rap Freaks’ that was accompanied by a raunchy video. Hashtags like ‘Yung Miami’, ‘Caresha’ and ‘Rap Freaks’ quickly reserved one of the top spots on the trending list as social media users rushed to Twitter to speak about the same.

In her latest track, the female emcee called out rappers like 50 Cent, Megan Thee Stallion, P Diddy, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Kodak Black, and Future among a few others. However, several hip-hop fans did not hesitate to compare Yung's new release with that of Nicki Minaj’s 2018 iconic song ‘Barbie Dreams’ where she had pulled out the same stunt. Nicki had called out rappers like Lil Uzi Very, Young Thug, 50 Cent and others in her song that went on to become one of her biggest career singles.

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Yung Miami name drops rappers in 'Rap Freaks'

Yung Miami’s latest song is not even two minutes and yet she managed to drop bombs on the track. The new single starts with her calling out Tory Lanez and Megan Thee Stallion. “I'm on a runway/ /I don't see a Tory in my lane, I'm with the savages/ Drive the boat (Ha), sit on Megan face, ride it like a stallion/ Everything we do is on the low, f**k social media/ I wanna take a flight with Durk, f**k him and India (Durkio).”

In the next few lines, Yung Miami takes a dig at Kodak Black and 50 Cent and even mentions Tom Brady. She raps, “I can't even picture myself fuckin' on lil' Kodak/ Many men wanna suck this c**t but I want 50 Cent (Bi**h)/ I'll probably let Gotti hit 'cause he got them bricks/ Have Rod Wave singin' in this pu**y like a funeral/ Put a ring on it, Tom Brady at the Super Bowl.” She ends the track with I'm real pretty and siddity, took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy/ I like bad boys, no ho s**t, Diddy let me put it in your face like them roaches (Like that)/ And put your rich a** to sleep, buenas noches (Goodnight, (N-word), hahaha, night, night, haha).







‘Y’all comparing Rap Freaks to Barbie Dreams is disrespectful asf’

“Yung Miami- Rap Freaks gonna have the girls mad by sunrise” said one fan as another posted, “Please don’t compare Nicki Minaj Barbie dreams to yung Miami - rap freaks it’s no comparison at all nicki ATE !!!!!” The next one added, “Yung Miami mentioning Tory Lanez and Meg thee stallion in the same verse in Rap Freaks—yea she nasty for that.” One fan stated, “Why would @YungMiami305 go awf like that on #RapFreaks.”
Meanwhile, another shared, “Me listening to rap freaks. Sis had me shook.” One added, “Y’all really need to go hear Rap Freaks. I thought I had wild fantasies but @YungMiami305 has me beat.. #RapFreaks” as another user tweeted, “Y’all comparing Yung Miami song Rap Freaks to Barbie Dreams is disrespectful asf.”  One claimed, “Yung Miami tried to do what Nicki Minaj did on “Barbie Dreams”, and it was an epic fail. Rap Freaks ain’t it, sis .” And, one concluded, “Just listened to that yung miami song i see why y’all ignore the shit nicki be doing these new h**s stink.”





















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