Why did YouTube remove PewDiePie's 'Coco' diss track? Internet slams platform for 'double standards'

The video reportedly violated YouTube's guidelines on child safety and harassment with the company saying that the video crossed the line

                            Why did YouTube remove PewDiePie's 'Coco' diss track? Internet slams platform for 'double standards'
PewDiePie at the launch of his book 'This Book Loves You' at Barnes & Noble Union Square on October 29, 2015, in New York City (Getty Images)

YouTube has removed one of PewDiePie's recent videos, a diss track titled 'Coco', that takes shots at Cocomelon, a YouTube channel for children, rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and author JK Rowling. The company cited its guidelines over cyberbullying and child safety as the reason for removing the video.

However, YouTube has come under fire from fans over its decision to remove the video. Cocomelon had caught PewDiePie's attention due to the channel's remarkable growth in subscription numbers, pulling almost 2 million subscribers each month.

PewDiePie released the diss track over the last week. He slammed Tekashi 6ix9ine as he sings, "I'm just playin' Coco, you know I love you. Not 6ix9ine, though, ankle monitor-wearing ****. I challenge you in a legal fight Otherwise, you's a rainbow bitch." Pewdiepie also roasts JK Rowling in the song, saying that the writer ruined ‘Harry Potter’ herself. 


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The song had racked up controversy over its rampant use of swear words, in lyrics such as "Here is the story that I'm tellin' What is it? About a stupid f**kin' b**h-a** melon! Yay!,” and “You ain't f**kin' passin' me/ Last time that I dissed, it took a government to blacklist me/ Yeah, I saw your sh*t, Ew, f**kin' cringe (Ew)/ It's not even funny and your head is really big (Why). Oh, you're approaching me?/ What, you think I'm nervous? (Nah)/ Your audience is just a bunch of motherf**kin' virgins!” 


According to YouTube's official Twitter account, the video violated its guidelines on child safety (by looking like it was made for kids but contained inappropriate content, including violence), and harassment, saying that the video crossed the line.


According to The Verge, the video did not result in a channel strike against PewDiePie's channel, however, further violations may do so. A YouTube spokesperson told the publication, "Our policies prohibit content that leads to repeated patterns of harassment on- and off-platform. Following a review, we’ve removed the video in question for violating those policies because they had the effect of encouraging abusive fan behavior.”

While reuploads of the original video are circulating on YouTube, the company will be removing them as moderators come across the videos. However, many fans of the popular YouTuber have come to his defense and called out YouTube for removing the video. One user wrote, "#savecoco YouTube with double standards as always. Being an hypocrite is one of the worst things you can aim to be. Just waiting for the day a new platform arises. #savecoco #pewdiepie #YouTubeMusic."

Another tweeted, "Dear @YouTube, sort your website out, treat your creators with some respect and reupload PewDiePie’s Coco diss track. It’s not a actual diss track, it is a joke. Stop taking everything so seriously and actually sort out problems on your site. #pewdiepie #YouTube #savecoco."




PewDiePie gestures on the red carpet during the Social Star Awards 2013 at Marina Bay Sands on May 23, 2013, in Singapore (Getty Images).

One user tweeted, "Youtube get a grip on what a Joke is. Coco is just a dis song, its not meant as anything bad, if you want to cancel stuff cancel 6ix9ine for what he does to kids. @pewdiepie we are on your side. The Joke Here Today Is @YouTube #COCO #pewdiepie #SaveCoCo." Another shared, "I couldn't fit the whole song but still, the fact Coco was removed from YouTube is bullsh*t #pewdiepie."