'You're Not Safe Here' Full Cast List: Meet Nicky Whelan and other stars of Lifetime thriller

'You're Not Safe Here' premieres on July 31, Saturday

                            'You're Not Safe Here' Full Cast List: Meet Nicky Whelan and other stars of Lifetime thriller
Nicky Whelan stars as Valerie in 'You're Not Safe Here' (Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images)

When it comes to crime thrillers, Lifetime hardly ever disappoints. Since the 'Summer of Secrets' programming event concluded, the network has been consistently releasing escapist content, the kind that will make you pay full attention. Honestly, they function as stress-busters. Here's hoping 'You're Not Safe Here' will be entertaining too.

In other news, here's a list of movie titles you can binge on the side: 'Gone Mom', 'Soccer Mom Madam', 'A Party Gone Wrong', and 'The Secret She Keeps'. If you are planning to watch 'You're Not Safe Here,' here's everything to know about the actors starring in this thriller.


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Haskiri Velazquez as Ava

What started with a just one theatre program grew into a full-fledged passion for Velazquez. During her early days as an actress, she had the opportunity to be directed by Gina Rodriguez, Jesse Williams, and Victor Maog. Soon, she transitioned to TV, landing her first role as Tatiana Garcia in 'NYC 22'. After that, she went on to booking more roles in 'Law & Order SVU', 'Charlotte', 'Blue Bloods'. Most recently, she was cast as Daisy in 'Saved By The Bell'.


Nicky Whelan as Valerie

Whelan comes with experience. She may be known for her role in 'Neighbours', but the Australian actress has a slate of film titles to her credit. She starred in 'Hollywood & Wine' alongside David Spade, appeared in the final season of Scrubs, and played the role of Leigh in Owen Wilson's 'Hall Pass'.


Cleo Anthony as William

Anthony's journey from an athlete to a screen actor has been an interesting journey laced with surprises. He was a huge 'Bad Boys' fan and secretly hoped he would bag a role in the sequel. According to IMDb, he was at a Miami restroom when an agent stopped him to offer a role in 'Bad Boys II'. He is known for 'Divergent', 'THE PREY: Legend of Karnoctus', and 'Transparent'.  


The official synopsis for 'You're Not Safe Here' reads: "Pregnant and feeling trapped, Ava (Velazquez) escapes her abusive boyfriend one stormy night to take refuge at her estranged sister’s house. On the way, she swerves off the road and wakes to find herself in the home of Valerie (Whelan) and William (Anthony). The friendly, affluent, and childless couple live a secluded life in the woods. With nowhere else to turn, Ava’s trust becomes her downfall when she realizes this mysterious couple has sinister intentions for her unborn child."

The Lifetime thriller premieres on July 31, Saturday, at 8/7c. If you are not based in the United States, using a VPN will help your case. Alternatively, it can be streamed on Fubo TV and Sling TV. For more information, check your local listings.