‘Your Honor’ Episode 10 Ending Explained: Who did Eugene aim the gun at and does Adam die same way as Rocco?

 ‘Your Honor’ Episode 10 Ending Explained: Who did Eugene aim the gun at and does Adam die same way as Rocco?
Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)

Spoilers for ‘Your Honor’ Episode 1 to Episode 10

“Am I a bad person because I value my life much less than I value my son's life?” Michael Desiato (Bryan Cranston) asks Lee Delamare (Carmen Ejogo) as the clock ticks by for the trial to end. He asks her, “Justice and principle? Do you think it can take precedence over the life of your own child?”

There are no answers to some questions. The question Showtime's ‘Your Honor’ leaves in your mind is one of those. Dark and delirious, it's a tale that slices your heart open and shows the love a father has for his son. How far can a father go to save his son? If you look at Michael Desiato's life, you'd say to the ends of the earth.  



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Inspired by the Israeli series ‘Kvodo’, the horrific moments from episode one will replay in your head before the season finale begins. If you're wondering what happened in the last few moments of the show and what was the meaning behind that ending, here's an explainer. 

Adam Desiato (Showtime)


7 things to remember before the finale

Before you tune into the final episode of ‘Your Honor’, here's a quick recap. Adam Desiato (Hunter Doohan) struggles to breathe while driving his car and accidentally kills Rocco Baxter (Benjamin Hassan Wadsworth) in a tragic hit-and-run. Little does he know that the boy was the son of dangerous crime family, the Baxters.

After Rocco's death, Kofi Jones (Lamar Johnson) pleads guilty in the court. The Baxters bomb his house and Kofi is mercilessly murdered by Carlo Baxter (Jimi Stanton) after Gina Baxter (Hope Davis) orders him to do so. Kofi's younger brother Eugene (Benjamin Flores Jr) teams up with the Desire gang but finds out that they were the ones who made Kofi do what he did.  


In the penultimate episode, Michael confesses he knew his wife Robin was having an affair and refuses to tell Adam. During the hour-long drama, Charlie Figaro (Isiah Whitlock Jr) — to-be Mayor of the city — finds out that it was Adam who killed Rocco. How do the secrets unravel in the final episode? Here's what happened. 

Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato and Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato (Showtime)


How does Adam find out his mother Robin was a cheater?

Dark, suspenseful music plays as the last episode of ‘Your Honor’ begins. “I had to tell him, Michael,” Elizabeth Guthrie (Margo Martindale) says. “Did you, Elizabeth? She can't explain what she was doing fucking a stranger,” Michael blatantly retorts. Adam, meanwhile, sits at a riverside as his phone vibrates.

When he comes back home, Adam is miserable. To cheer him up, Michael says, “Thousands of things your Mom was. So many wonderful things. One mistake shouldn't define who you are.” He continues how Robin told him she was pregnant with him when they got married. “I was so happy. I hugged her tight, I cracked her rib.” Michael hugs Adam and the latter pretends his ribs have been cracked. The episode starts with a lot of hope but fails to answer the key question in fans' minds.


What did Robin's affair have to do with the crime? Was there a greater reason that plot twist was introduced? Sadly, it seems like the story brought up her affair just to show how loyal Michael was to her and that he wouldn't tell Adam about her flaws because he loved him so. 

Hunter Doohan as Adam Desiato and Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato (Showtime)


Why doesn't Carlo go behind bars for killing Kofi?

The last episode hops back into the excruciating trial as Carlo plants a lie saying Kofi Jones tried to attack him. Carlo says he killed Kofi in defense after four punches and an eye gouge from the latter. When he is questioned as to why he didn't tell NOLA PD about the attack, he says, “The same people who killed their own people during Katrina?” Carlo also adds that Kofi first locked the cell door and then left the cell after attacking him.

Lee Delamare (Carmen Ejogo) goes into the prison and studies the cell doors. Turns out, you cannot open a door once you lock it, unless a guard with keys to it opens it for you. “Kofi Jones walked through locked doors or you are a liar,” Fiona McKee (Maura Tierney) says. Carlo's lawyer is quick to butt in saying how he made a mistake and incorrectly remembered him closing the cell doors.

“Maybe it wasn't completely shut. Tell that stupid c**t,” Carlo says. Fiona shows the clip from the jail meeting on the monitor where Kofi dies right after getting out of Carlo's cell and retorts, “Now you tell me which one of us is a stupid c**t.” Nonetheless, Michael does as he intends to and  rules that Carlo is “not guilty” in the murder of Kofi.


Jimi Stanton as Carlo Baxter (Showtime)

How do Nancy Costello and Lee Delamare find out the truth?

Nancy Costello (Amy Landecker), the nosy detective who begins to suspect him, finally finds out the truth when she goes on about asking and gathers proof about his car. At the very same time, Charlie comes to meet Michael and says he knows it was his car that led to Rocco's death. Charlie storms into the room and then privately tells Nancy that it was Adam. He tries to buy Nancy by offering her a clean up once he becomes the Mayor, saying, “He is my oldest friend.”


Michael confesses to Charlie, “I need him [Carlo Baxter] to not be guilty.” And Charlie realizes that the Baxters have him in control. He adds, “Jimmy Baxter thinks it's me who killed his son.” 

Meanwhile, Lee too figures it out when she realizes Kofi went to Carlo's cell to clear up a misunderstanding. He was driving the car one day after the death of Rocco. You called me on October 9 right after you called Nancy Costello. Were you asking us both on dates? On the anniversary of Robin's death? Slamming him over whether he is a bad person to think about his son before himself, she says, “Four children and their mother are dead because of you.” And when Michael says he loves her, she gives him a tight slap. “You can't have me... You can't ever have me,” she says and storms off.


Bryan Cranston as Michael Desiato and Carmen Ejogo as Lee Delamere (Showtime)

How do the Baxters know it was Adam?

As the trial ends, the 9-1-1 call plays again. “These are Rocco Baxter's last moments. This is what another 17-year-old would have heard.” Adam walks off, so does Gina and Jimmy follows her. The two then see Adam taking the inhaler shot. It doesn't take them a moment to know who really killed Rocco.

Right after, Fia Baxter (Lilli Kay) — who Adam is having an affair with — invites him to the hotel where her family is celebrating. Jimmy calls Michael to tell him Adam is at the party. “Maybe he has trouble breathing,” Jimmy sarcastically comments hinting how his son is in danger. With Adam's phone unreachable, Michael runs to the hotel and bangs at the windows. 


Meanwhile, Eugene gets a wad of notes and a gun after the trial. Just as the security tries to stop Michael from entering the party, Eugene slips inside and aims the gun at Carlo Baxter. The bullet accidentally hits Adam's neck and he bleeds to death in his father Michael's arms — much like Rocco did in his last moments. A poetic ending, indeed. A father may go to the ends of the earth to protect his son but ultimately, justice is served. As Robert Green Ingersoll once said, “In nature, there are neither rewards nor punishments; there are consequences.”


Lilli Kay as Fia and Hunter Doohan in ‘Your Honor’ (Showtime)

There are many debates over the ending of the series. One Reddit fan summed it up saying, “The point of him shooting Adam was that he hit him square in the neck, causing him to spit up blood and gasp for air in the exact manner that Rocco did... and for Michael to have to suffer through that sound.” While some find the final scene to be satisfying, others feel it was not up to the mark. Many viewers were irked by too many loose ends and convoluted plot twists.


Written by Jennifer Cacicio, the season finale is scheduled to air on February 14, 2021, at 10 pm ET, but it will be available for Showtime App owners ahead of its premiere on Showtime Channel. You can catch the show on Showtime’s official website, SHO OnDemand, and on the Showtime App. With a total of 10 episodes, the limited series was created to end with one season but going by the fan craze, the makers might just decide to renew it for another part.


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