I was trapped and raped in Chris Brown's home, woman claims in lawsuit

I was trapped and raped in Chris Brown's home, woman claims in lawsuit
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A woman filed a lawsuit on Wednesday saying she was stuck in Chris Brown's home where she was forced into an orgy and raped multiple times by the rapper Young Lo.

The woman identified only as a Jane Doe (a name used when the real name is unknown or withheld) allegedly claims that on February 23, 2017, she was at a nightclub where she was invited to an afterparty to meet rappers Chris Brown and Young Lo (whose real name is Lowell Grissom Jr) at a recording studio. 

Her attorney, Gloria Allred, alleged once they reached the party her client's phone was taken away from her as Brown did not want any phones in his studio. Young Lo allegedly refused to return her phone and told her that they were moving the party location to Brown's home.

Once at Brown's, the attorney alleges, all the women guests were asked to take a transparent pill with white powder it in order to have a "good time." Later both the rappers lured Jane Doe to go into a room upstairs, promising to return her phone. 

After entering the room, she alleges another woman entered and pushed a couch to the door in order to block the exit. Inside, loud music and pornography were played and all the women were instructed to take off their clothes and involve themselves in sexual activities.


The lawsuit states that Jane Doe allegedly refused but one of Brown's female friends forced her to perform oral sex with Grissom and later the woman who was menstruating sat on her face!

Eventually, Grissom allowed her to go to the washroom to wash the blood off her face and once alone, he allegedly raped her. She later convinced Grissom to use her phone in the laundry room to get a ride-share, there, he raped her again-- before she could leave.

At one point, her worried mother used phone-tracking software to know the location and even sent the police but Brown refused to let the police inside the property and allegedly told his friends to hide the guns.

After leaving Brown's property she went to a rape treatment center and filed a complaint with the police.

"It is still within the statute of limitations to file charges if the district attorney decides,” Allred said at a downtown Los Angeles courthouse Wednesday. However, she added, her client doesn’t have to wait to file a civil lawsuit. Buzzfeed reported.


"These are very serious allegations,” Allred said. “We have been waiting to file for a substantial amount of time and we don’t want to wait any longer.”

There were no comments from the Los Angeles Police Department.

Brown has a history of such serious issues regarding women. 

Chris Brown (Source: Getty Images)

In 2009 when he got into a public fight with then-girlfriend Rihanna the night before the Grammys at a party, eventually pleading guilty to felony assault.

He was also accused of punching a woman in the face in Las Vegas after she tried to take his picture. 

And in 2016, Brown was arrested by Los Angeles police after hours-long standoff at his home, where a woman alleged that he pointed a gun at her face.


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