'Young Justice: Outsiders' final episodes set up Legion of Super-Heroes for season 4, Cyborg unlocks new abilities and frees Halo

The last three episodes of 'Outsiders' brings all the season's story arcs to a close. By the end of 'Nevermore', the board has once again been reset but with some important changes and a surprise ending that's bound to get the show's legion of fans super excited.

                            'Young Justice: Outsiders' final episodes set up Legion of Super-Heroes for season 4, Cyborg unlocks new abilities and frees Halo

Spoilers ahead for 'Young Justice: Outsiders' episodes 24, 25, and 26: 'Into The Breach', 'Overwhelmed' and 'Nevermore'

'Young Justice: Outsiders' dropped its last three exciting episodes, 'Into The Breach', 'Overwhelmed' and 'Nevermore' August 28 and there's a lot to unpack. But surprisingly the biggest revelation of the finale is something that is seen for barely two seconds at the very end of 'Nevermore'.  First a quick recap of what happens in each episode:

'Into the Breach'

Beast Boy/Garfield 'Gar' Logan (Greg Cipes) finally gets to unleash all the rage he's had building up against Gretchen Goode/Granny Goodness (Deborah Strang) in a no-holds-barred cage match. Despite her godly strength giving her an edge, Gar manages to pull through with the help of his teammates and teaches Granny a few choice lessons before she is teleported away to the Orphanage. 

Meanwhile, Episode 24 also reveals the full power of Victor Stone/Cyborg (Zeno Robinson) as he unlocks new abilities that he uses to singlehandedly defeat Granny’s minion Overlord, rescue all the heroes under the Anti-Life’s control and free Violet/Halo (Zehra Fazal) from her brainwashing.

Violet shines as well with a brand-new rainbow light that allows her to give Granny a beating she’ll never forget. The villain manages to escape and inform her master that the debacle was engineered by none other than Vandal Savage (David Kaye).

Zatanna casting a spell to help Artemis in 'Young Justice: Outsiders' Episode 25. (DC Universe)


Episode 25 tells a heartwarming story focusing on Artemis (Stephanie Lemelin) learning to let go of Wally’s memory using Zatanna’s help. Desperate to see him one last time, she asks Zatanna to help her communicate with his spirit.

Artemis is finally able to find the closure she needed but she doesn't realize Zatanna (Lacey Chabert) and M'gann (Danica McKellar) had simulated the whole thing. No one, not even Zatanna, can raise the dead.

Meanwhile, Violet, Cyborg and Lian Harper are whisked away for a quick meeting with the New God Metron (Phil LaMarr) who reveals Violet and Cyborg are his grandchildren, as the Mother Boxes and Father Boxes that made them the way they are were in turn created by him. He returns them to where a confused Gar is waiting but first warns them about the coming threat of Darkseid.


Episode 26 brings together all the threads that have been hanging loose since the beginning of the season. After Baron Bedlam takes over as King of Markovia, both the Team and the Outsiders head to Markovia to take him down.

Terra (Tara Strong) is ordered to kill Gar but she refuses. Unfortunately, Brion (Troy Baker) chooses a darker path and executes Bedlam and declares himself king, leaving all his friends and family staring in abject horror. 

Lex Luthor (Mark Rolston) comes under fire after Black Lightning/Jefferson Pierce (Khary Payton) reveals Luthor's ties to the Bedlam Syndicate's meta-trafficking ring, his links to Infinity Inc. and the fact that he secretly continued to run LexCorp while being Secretary-General of the United Nations. While Luthor dismisses these accusations as fake news (sounding a lot like a real-world politician as he does it), a no-confidence motion is started against him after Conner Kent/Superboy (Nolan North) reveals he is a genomorph clone created by Cadmus under orders from Lex Luthor.  

Vandal Savage reassures the Light that everything is going according to plan. (DC Universe)


By the end of 'Nevermore', the board has once again been reset but with some important changes. Nightwing calls together all the heroes from the Team, the League, the Outsiders and Batman Inc. and reveals how the different team leaders had been secretly coordinating between themselves to take down the Light.

Wonder Woman, Aquaman and Miss Martian step down from their leadership roles and Black Lightning is unanimously elected as joint head of both the Team and the League (which has now absorbed Batman Inc). Jefferson swears there shall be no more secrets between the heroes and promises to lead them to an honorable victory.

The Light does not think they've done too badly as they secretly control Brion through their newest member, Zviad Baazovi (Yuri Lowenthal). Vandal Savage reveals he conferred once again with Darkseid, re-establishing their partnership with the Apokoliptian despot with a promise that the Light shall find the Anti-Life Equation for him.

It would seem the end goal of the Light in this season has actually been to take out Granny Goodness and take her place at Darkseid's right hand. All the better to eventually stab him in the back.

The big tease

In a final sequence that's slightly reminiscent of the "Shawarma scene" at the end of 'The Avengers', a completely normal-looking waitress is seen pouring a cup of coffee. Just when you think it's just a throw-away sequence, we're given a closer shot of the waitress' hand and the Legion of Super-Heroes Flight Ring on her finger, teasing that the Legion will be making their way to 'Young Justice' in the next season.

All episodes of 'Young Justice: Outsiders' are currently available for streaming only on DC Universe.

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