'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Will Jack get his answers from Victor or Nick?

Jack recently helped Nicholas with his new business, it is only fair that he help him out by getting a DNA test done.

                            'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Will Jack get his answers from Victor or Nick?

Friday night’s episode of ‘The Young and the Restless’ may prove to be a monumental one for Jack (portrayed by Peter Bergman), who has been working relentlessly to figure out the truth about his paternity. Abby (portrayed by Melissa Ordway) could have been his key to solving the puzzle, but we know that she is Jack’s niece on her mother’s side, so she is out.  

Meanwhile, Victor (portrayed by Eric Braeden), who could very well provide his DNA to help out Jack, is not all that keen on doing so. Remember when he forbade his potential brother from snooping into the Newman family bloodlines? Needless to say, he is not necessarily looking forward to having Jack as his brother. 

Neither is his brother Matt for that matter. And, even if he had relented to Jack's requests, ultimately, Victor's comments about him being a "disloyal brother" would have got to him. 


Even his devious efforts at nabbing the DNA failed, with Abby refusing to help him with the same and his own attempt at nabbing Victor’s lunch napkin proving fruitless. Unfortunately for Jack, Kyle (portrayed by Michael Mealor) is also not available for digging up another grave to help with his DNA testing. 

The one option Jack does not seem to have exhausted yet Victor’s son Nicholas (portrayed by Joshua Morrow). When Nick wanted to start a company of his own from the ground up, Jack helped him out. Dark Horse would not have been a possibility without him, and now it is his turn to return and favor to his could-be uncle.  More importantly, a huge driving force in Nick's life has always been getting even with his father, and this could prove to be the most lucrative opportunity for the same.

Even if Nick’s DNA cannot confirm that Albert Miller is his biological father, the least he could learn about him being a Miller, after all.

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