'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Victor leaves town and Billy loses everything to gambling

Victor has learned the truth about his son Nick's elaborate plan to humiliate him and feels embarrassed to stay around.

                            'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Victor leaves town and Billy loses everything to gambling

Actions have consequences. Time and again this is the lesson that ‘Young and the Restless’ has taught us. In the upcoming episode of the CBS soap we see what those consequences are, for Billy (portrayed by Jason Thompson) and Nicholas (portrayed by Jason Thompson).  

Nick, who had put on an elaborate mask of JT (portrayed by Thad Luckinbill) to make a fool of his father Victor (portrayed by Eric Braeden) will see his lies catching up to him. In the last few episodes, we saw how Rey (portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso), hellbent on solving the JT case, badgered the truth out of Nick.  However, after Victor learned the truth about his son’s revenge plan, he felt exposed as a bad father. To top that off, his son is building a company to rival his own from the ground up. In response to these actions of Nick, Victor seems to have gone into hiding.  

His disappearance does make a lot of sense, especially considering his life is a huge mess right now, except of course his reunion with Nikki (portrayed by Melody Thomas Scott). Then again, the two of them have gone down that road quite a few times and they know as well as all of us that it will go south sooner rather than later.  



Meanwhile, Billy has gone way past the point of no return with his gambling, even going as far as risking hundreds of thousands of Jabot dollars on personal gambling debts. While Phyllis (portrayed by Gina Tognoni) has initially supported her man, his gambling habits have gotten too wild even for her to pretend everything is fine.  Billy, however, is too far gone to realize that he is losing everything because of his addiction. In fact, he even asks Phyllis to either be with his, gambling and all, or leave him, seemingly caring little about having her in his life.  

He is playing right into Kyle’s (portrayed by Michael Mealor) hands, it remains to be seen how he will completely ruin Billy’s life.