'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Nick heads to jail as Lily prepares to leave prison?

The opening of Nick's brand new company Dark Horse may turn out to be the worst day for him, thanks to Rey who is looking forward to arrest him.

                            'Young and the Restless' spoilers: Nick heads to jail as Lily prepares to leave prison?

Nick Newman (portrayed by Joshua Morrow) had only just started to stand on his own two feet, far from his father’s controlling protection, and it seems like he is already in trouble. The opening of his brand-new company Dark Horse is the talk of the town, but Rey (portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso) who reveals himself to be a cop and the new lead detective, has come to town to arrest Nick, meaning his success will be very, very short-lived.  


Nick’s days of pretending to be JT in order to get revenge on his dad Victor (portrayed by Eric Braeden), will come to bite him in the arse. Victoria’s (portrayed by Amelia Heinle) ex’s fate is known to four women – Victoria, Nikki (portrayed by Melody Thomas Scott), Sharon (portrayed by Sharon Case) and Phyllis (portrayed by Gina Tognoni), and that could work in Nick’s favor.  
However, would these women come forward to protect Nick, especially when they know that revealing the truth would reveal their own crimes?  

While Nick’s future hangs by a thread, it has been hinted that Lily may be leaving prison soon. Devon (Bryton James) is expected to pop in and visit Lily in prison and teasers suggest that their little chat will leave Lily in a significantly better or worse mood. Only tonight’s episode will reveal the truth.  

Billy’s (portrayed by Jason Thompson) life, on the other hand, is like a roller coaster at the moment, with his gambling problem unraveling right in front of Phyllis’ eyes. She is finally seeing up close what her man’s like and she may not necessarily like what she sees. 



Then there is the whole plot that Kyle (portrayed by Michael Mealor) is cooking up to see his doom. Unbeknownst to him, Billy is following the dangerous path that Kyle paved for him and it is only a matter of time before he is completely ruined.  

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