'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Are Abby and Chance getting married at all? Here's why they hesitate

As guests gather at the wedding venue to celebrate the union of the Newman and chancellor families, they are left shocked by the bride and groom missing from the ceremony

                            'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Are Abby and Chance getting married at all? Here's why they hesitate

It is finally the day the royals of Genoa City say their "I do" and come together in holy matrimony. As the long term CBS soap opera celebrates its grand 12,000th episode, wedding bells are expected to ring in full swing to mark the union of the Newman and Chancellor families.

The official synopsis of the milestone Episode 50 of Season 48 reveals "Chance and Abby's families gather for their wedding ceremony," but there's a catch. Although smitten with each other, Abby is hesitant to marry Chance, and t's all expected to go down when guests have gathered at the venue but the bride and groom are nowhere to be found.

Based on spoilers released for the upcoming December 1 episode, as the wedding time draws nearer, the guests are left very confused by the lack of the bride and groom present on the premises. The guests are waiting at the venue wondering if there is going to be a wedding at all, and Mariah tries to ease the uncomfortable situation with explanations that seem to only make things worse. 

The reason Abby and Chance are not at the wedding, as spoilers reveal, is because the two are busy contemplating if this step into the next big chapter of their lives is the right way to go about it. More than cold feet, it's a need for constant and yet again reassurance that Chance and Abby must offer each other by proving their love for each other. Chance does it first, and then Abby follows suit and soon the two come to the conclusion that this is in fact the right thing to do. Their moment of hesitation turns into certainty and does well not just for the bride and groom, but for the rest of the guests too. 

While Nick reflects on hi romantic liaisons of the past, Jill finds time to get sentimental with Devon. Nina and Victoria manage to bury their long-term grudges and come together with love and happiness for the soon to be married couple. The time Abby and chance take to discuss what's best for them also gives ample scope for down-the-aisle flashbacks to playing out which makes sense because this is one of those grand milestone episodes, where looking back at the past comes naturally.

But circling back to the couple in question — once Chance and Abby are finally done with the initial hesitation towards getting married, they rush back to the venue. Abby goes to the bridal suite while Chance rushes to his mother's side. Ashley and Nina come bearing gifts for the bride, while Victor attends the wedding of his only child who doesn't currently hate him.

Speaking of Victor's children looks like the Adam drama will take a backseat in this episode as Abbey steals the attention in her gorgeous bridal gown and Tori wins hearts by singing the theme song of the soap opera, commencing the ceremony.

'The Young And The Restless' airs on weekdays at 12.30 pm on CBS.

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