Corey La Barrie's pals slam 'Ink Master' star Daniel Silva for using dead YouTuber's memories to defend himself

'I pinned you down while you tried to run again and again STOP. SPEWING. LIES. STOP,' one of Corey La Barrie's friends wrote

                            Corey La Barrie's pals slam 'Ink Master' star Daniel Silva for using dead YouTuber's memories to defend himself
YouTuber Corey La Barrie died in May 2020 in a car accident for which Daniel Silva was held responsible (YouTube, Instagram/@coreylabarrie)

Former 'Ink Master' star Daniel Silva has spoken out for the first time since being sentenced for killing YouTuber Corey La Barrie, who died in a fatal car crash in May 2020.

La Barrie died last May on his 25th birthday after he and Silva left a party together. Silva was driving his McLaren sports car while drunk when he got into the fatal car accident, according to reports. Both Silva and La Barrie were intoxicated, but Silva was at the wheel when he lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a tree. Silva was sentenced to one year in prison in August 2020, with a suspended prison sentence of four years. He will also serve five years probation and do 250 hours of community service. 


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Ink Master's Daniel Silva was drunk driving, tried to flee after crash killed YouTuber Corey La Barrie: Police

Silva posted a nearly 10-minute-long YouTube video titled 'I Love You Corey', in which he expressed remorse and his wish to make amends for his actions. In the video, he calls Corey La Barrie as "one of his best friends" and said that he was sorry for "all the pain everybody is going through", especially his family, friends, and fans.

But the main purpose of the video seems to have been to share a letter written by the La Barrie family asking the District Attorney to not pursue a second-degree murder charge but rather the lesser crime of "manslaughter". This was because of several mitigating factors that had emerged when the family had investigated the accident. For instance, the crash site was a place where frequent accidents had happened before even if drivers were not drunk. The letter also said that Silva's blood alcohol limit might have been under the legally specified limit and the car's speed was only slightly over the speed limit. 


Silva had also reposted pictures of La Barrie's leopard tattoo which he had inked for him before his death on his Instagram. The picture had a long caption that said: "I had the honor of tattooing this leopard on Corey before the accident. I’m grateful for the time we spent together and I will cherish those memories every day. I have so much that I want to say but unfortunately I’m limited at this time. I just posted a video on YouTube with everything that I could. This still doesn’t feel real, but your love and support for Corey and I means so much to me. Love you Corey".


Corey La Barrie had also shown off his tats in a picture on Instagram before his death on his birthday. However, Silva intruding on La Barrie's memory by using the excuse of an apology video to defend his own actions on that fateful day did not go down well with La Barrie's close friends and fans of the late YouTuber.  

Corey La Barrie sporting a leopard tattoo inked by Daniel Silva (Instagram/@coreylabarrie)

Still not over the tragic death of La Barrie on his 25th birthday, they slammed him for lying about what had happened in his video. La Barrie's best friend Franny Arrieta left several tweets disputing Silva's version of events. "let me just say ONE thing... I SAW YOU flee the scene. I was the one that SAW YOU and I chased after you SCREAMING at the top of my lungs. Oscar and Christian followed after seeing me RUN after you. YOU WERE NO WHERE NEAR THE CAR. KARMA IS REAL AND THAT WHOLE VIDEO IS A LIE."




Christian Seavey, who caught Daniel Silva when he was trying to flee the scene, also tweeted an angry response to the video. "People saw you drink Crawford and Oscar stood in front of the car to stop you from driving Franny saw you run Oscar and I caught you running I pinned you down while you tried to run again and again STOP. SPEWING. LIES. STOP."


Another of La Barrie's friends, Elijah Daniel, the American comedian, also posted a note responding to the video, saying: "this will be the last time i speak on daniel silva, and beyond the last time i want to ever hear his f*cking name again. let Corey rest" In the note, he wrote: "a lot of my friends just don't even have the energy left to say this so i will. f**k you @danielsilva You killed someone. You do not get to make a youtube 'apology' for that. you are disgusting. you will not, and do not deserve a career or comeback. i will make sure of that. STOP speaking on Corey's name. And leave my friends and Corey's fans THE F**K ALONE and let us all grieve without having to hear your f**king name ever again. move the f*ck out of this city." 


Other fans also took to Twitter to express their outrage. One user said: "daniel silva this mf had the audacity to come out with a video with the title i love you corey la barrie. i’m absolutely sick to my stomach. does he not understand the pain he’s put corey’s family, friends and fans through?? nah cause I’m sick," while another commented: "Dear Daniel Silva, You’re f**king disgusting for thinking you can literally take someone’s life post this lame ass “apology” & think everything’s o f**king kay. Are we forgetting u tried to FLEE the scene and Franny, Oscar & Christian had to chase you tf down? You’re a criminal." Another tweet said: "his actual best friends were holding him during his final moments while your p***y ass tried to flee the scene because you knew what you did. that accident should’ve killed you."




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