TST's Yohan dies at 28, fans urge people to stream 'Paradise' and make his song famous

Yohan, of South Korean K-Pop band TST, has tragically passed away at the age of 28. The cause of death hasn't been disclosed by his family who are asking the public respect their privacy

                            TST's Yohan dies at 28, fans urge people to stream 'Paradise' and make his song famous
Yohan (TST/Paradise)

Kim Jeong-hwan, (commonly known by his stage name Yohan) of the South Korean boy band Top Secret (TST) has died on Tuesday, June 16 at the age of 28. The cause of his death has not been revealed at the request of the family, according to SPOTV, which broke the news on Wednesday, June 17.

The young singer first debuted with the group NOM in 2015, and after their disbandment, he then returned to music with TST (formerly known as Top Secret) in 2017. In their career, TST delivered two EPs in 2017 including 'Time's Up' and 'Wake Up' and from 2017 to 2020, they have released several singles, namely 'She,' 'Mind Control', 'Love Story', 'Paradise' and their latest, 'Countdown' which released in January. After the release of their latest single, the group actively promoted and communicated with fans through social media and V Live.

According to the report by Soompi, Yohan’s wake is being held at Severance Hospital in Sinchon, Seoul and the funeral will take place at a cemetery in Yongin on June 18. 

Yohan's most recent Instagram post was two weeks ago where he captioned several photos of himself at scenic spots, “I want to go travel.” The singer also celebrated his birthday in April and posted a photo of himself with a cake. 

Korean singer and actor Kiseop commented on Yohan's most recent post, "I miss you."

Fans both internationally and locally are shocked at the news. Many on Twitter are sending their condolences saying, "My prayers are with him and his family" and "Rest in peace :( my condolences to his friends, family and fans."

One user said, "I saw him 2 month ago.... at his birthday cafe.... he seemed so happy.... even if i can't call my self a fan of TST i feel so bad right now... i can only remember his smile that day... R.I.P Yohan (sic)."

Fans are also urging Twitter users to make a wish Yohan always had come true. "TST was a group I really loved and they were one of my favorites. everyone, please stream 'paradise' by TST. Yohan wished for this song to become famous so why don't we make that wish come true, for him." Another fan who requested the same, added, "Someone so special will never be forgotten." 'Paradise' was released in 2018. You can listen to it below.

Listen to 'Paradise' here.

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