'Yellowstone' Season 3 Episode 6: The oldest cowboy in the Bunkhouse has a barrel racer by his side

'Yellowstone' Season 3 Episode 6: The oldest cowboy in the Bunkhouse has a barrel racer by his side
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Spoilers for 'Yellowstone' Season 3 Episode 6 'All For Nothing' 

There is a brand new couple on 'Yellowstone' ranch and it has taken them no time to become a fan favourite. The oldest cowboy in the Bunkhouse has a new hottie by his side. Lloyd Pierce (Forrie J Smith) is getting it on with Laramie (Hassie Harrison), a barrel racer who has only recently arrived on the ranch with Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White).

She first appeared on the show in Episode 5 titled 'Cowboys and Dreamers' and the minute she got into the bunkhouse, she started a party. In this latest episode, it looks like the two have pretty much gone public with their relationship (or at least as much public is present at the ranch). And fans of the show are loving them together. 

"LLOYD AND LARAMIE IM HERE FOR IT #YellowstoneTV" tweeted a fan. "Lloyd & this girl," added another. "I love this storyline," another fan concurred. "@Yellowstone @HassieHarrison I loved how she called Lloyd “sugar and baby”" added another. "Laramie is going to give poor Lloyd a heart attack," tweeted another fan. 

Laramie, with her energetic and unpredictable presence, has earned herself quite the following. "I am living for Laramie's cute antics with Llyod @Yellowstone #YellowstoneTV" tweeted a fan. In an exclusive interview with MEAWW (MEA WorldWide) last week, Harrison dug deeper into her character. "I'd say Laramie is unpredictable, independent, and does whatever the hell she wants," she had said

Indeed. Despite all the questioning glares the two receive inside the bunkhouse and outside, neither of them really cares. "Barrel racers are an interesting breed of cowgirls. They spend their lives on the road, following the rodeo circuit, so they kind of live like rockstars," she had added. Female fans of the show know exactly what Laramie fell for. "To be fair, we're all winking at Lloyd," tweeted one. "LOL Lloyd Pierce is the handsome #bucklebunny out there. @ReeHthe plays a True Cowboy," tweeted another. 

At the same time, not everyone is on board this new (fleeting) romance for some think there is something fishy going on. "Those women are up to no good. Jimmy and Lloyd are being played. I don't trust them." 'Yellowstone' airs on Sundays at 9 pm ET/ PT on Paramount Network.

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