EXCLUSIVE | 'Yellowstone' star Hassie Harrison says Laramie is a 'spitfire' who doesn't stick to the norm

In an exclusive interview with MEAWW (MEA WorldWide), Hassie Harrison tells us more about her eccentric character and what viewers can expect from her in future episodes

                            EXCLUSIVE | 'Yellowstone' star Hassie Harrison says Laramie is a 'spitfire' who doesn't stick to the norm
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There is a barrel racer overload on Paramount's hit show 'Yellowstone'. Season 3 Episode 5 titled 'Cowboys and Dreamers' introduces Laramie, a new barrel racer played by Hassie Harrison. She arrives on the Dutton ranch with Jimmy Hurdstrom (Jefferson White) and his now-girlfriend Mia (Eden Brolin) bringing him back from the hospital after his deadly accident from two episodes ago. 

Harrison, in an exclusive interview with MEAWW (MEA WorldWide), tells us more about her eccentric character. "Barrel racers are an interesting breed of cowgirls. They spend their lives on the road, following the rodeo circuit, so they kind of live like rockstars. I'd say Laramie is unpredictable, independent, and does whatever the hell she wants," she says. And rightly so. From the moment Laramie steps foot on the ranch, she begins a party in the bunkhouse that even Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly) and Rip (Cole Hauser) join. 

Getting into the character was easy for Harrison. But what was more exciting for her as an actress was working with the talented creators and stars of the show. "I grew up in Texas around this cowboy culture so I knew I had an easy way into this character. Getting to be a part of a modern-day western and bring Taylor Sheridan's words to life is something larger than I'd even let myself dream."

Harrison won't lie: the dreamy, mesmerizing landscapes of the Dutton ranch along with the thrilling narrative is a combination any actor would love to be a part of. "When I first saw Yellowstone, I fantasized about working in Montana, riding horses, and staring up at the mountains while having a coffee from John Dutton's porch, but I figured that would never happen. Then one day, I got that impossible call that made all of us chase this crazy dream in the first place."

We prod her about what lies in store for Laramie in the upcoming episode, but since Harrison can't divulge a lot, she promises that her character packs a punch. "Laramie's role in the bunkhouse and on the ranch is going to evolve," she tells us. "The dynamic she brings to the Dutton Ranch is something we haven't seen before. She is a spitfire who doesn't really go along with the norm." She adds, "I can tell you she has tricks up her sleeve."

Catch her in the upcoming episode of 'Yellowstone', which airs on Sunday, July 26, 2020, at 9 pm ET/ PT. Harrison tells us "there might be a bison involved."

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