'Yellowstone' Season 2 episode 9 preview: The Duttons are gearing up for the final fight against the Becks in 'Enemies by Monday'

The stakes are high and it is a tense ride-or-die situation on the Dutton ranch Yellowstone. Will the family be able to survive this?

                            'Yellowstone' Season 2 episode 9 preview: The Duttons are gearing up for the final fight against the Becks in 'Enemies by Monday'

Spoilers ahead for the ninth episode of 'Yellowstone' titled 'Enemies by Monday' 

The Duttons have joined forces with their enemies Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) and Chief Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) to fight the biggest and the worst of them all - Malcolm Beck (Neal McDonough). With his attack on Beth (Kelly Reilly), the Beck brothers proved that they will stop at nothing to get what they want - no life is valuable ahead of their ambitions. 

The trio finalized that there is no answering back - the only way to get rid of the Beck Brothers is to kill them. 

The eighth episode 'Behind Us Only Grey', ended with Malcolm Beck planning his next move on the Duttons. He is sure he wants to hurt someone closest to Kevin Costner's John, the person who he loves the most. 

We were fearing that this target would be Tate - after all, Dutton Sr dotes on his grandson.

And that is exactly what happens. 

It was supposed to be just another night on the Dutton ranch. The cattle and the horses had retired for the day. The night was quiet but it carried an eerie air. Inside the Dutton house, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) and Kayce (Luke Grimes) were having one of their regular discussions (or arguments?) about the ranch being too dangerous for their family. Since her conversation with Beth about the "family business" and how the Duttons protect each other and their legacy, Monica's dilemma about continuing to live on the ranch is worsening. She tells Kayce about it - as he is on his way out to take care of a matter - she doesn't know anymore that the ranch is safe for their family. But Kayce promises to talk to her about this the next morning. 

But there is something ominous in the way that Kayce says 'tomorrow' that has us anxious for the rest of the episode. 

After dining with John, Tate (Brecken Merrill) is reminded that he needs to feed his horse before he has his dinner. But he never returns from the errand.  A frantic John searches the house. Later, after Kayce and the rest of the ranchers return, a search party is organised. They search far and wide. Dawn breaks and there is still no sign of Tate. Till Kayce finds his boot. 

So, now we know that Tate is kidnapped. Will he be alright? What will John Dutton do now?

'Yellowstone' airs Wednesdays at 10 pm PT/ET. 

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