'Yellowstone' season 2 could see Tate in danger and Monica's relationship with Kayce under threat from the Beck brothers

'Yellowstone' season 2 could see Tate in danger and Monica's relationship with Kayce under threat from the Beck brothers

'Yellowstone' episode eight of season two titled 'Behind Us Only Grey' revealed that John Dutton (Kevin Costner) was figuring out a way to handle the Beck brothers. He had formed an alliance with enemies from his past to take on the season's Big Bad — the Beck brothers. 

He met with Chief Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) and Dan Jenkins (Danny Huston) and they collectively conclude that the brothers should be completely eliminated from their way. 

The war is in full swing now. "We take this all the way," John affirms to Beth (Kelly Reilly) after the brutal attack on her by the brothers. Everyone at the ranch is bracing for what lies ahead. But are they fully prepared?

Just like how Beth was taken by surprise during the attack, we sense that there might be something sinister lurking in the corners for the Duttons. And we fear trouble could come from the youngest member in the family, unfortunately.


It was just in episode 7 that we saw Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Monica (Kelsey Asbille) reunite after the longest time apart. The couple, who had begrudgingly separated, couldn't keep away any longer despite Monica trying to move on. Following the patch up, Monica moved in into the Dutton house with Tate (Brecken Merrill), John's only grandson, in tow.



After the attack on Beth, Monica is shaken and finds herself in a dilemma – was it a good idea returning to the ranch? Her doubts are valid but stray away from reality. She is fully aware of what the Duttons are and how furiously they fight to keep their family and legacy safe. Was she expecting something different this time around? Apart from this, Monica is simply overwhelmed by the display of wealth in the Dutton household. As she points out, her relatives live in houses smaller than their bedroom. 


A quick conversation with Kayce later, the couple decide to move out of the Dutton house and into the city, to live like regular people. However, John manages to retain her. All he asks her for is just another chance to prove to her that their household is safe for Tate's upbringing, which has always been a concern for her.

And here is exactly what we're fearing. With John successfully retaining Monica and Tate in the Dutton house in 'Behind Us Only Grey', it might prove fatal for Tate. 

The episode ends with Malcolm Beck (played by Neal McDonough) in front of a pile of headshots of the Dutton family with Tate's photo on top. He is adamant to harm someone who "John Dutton loves the most". 

There is little doubt here, but Tate is very precious to Dutton Sr since he is his only grandson. And the fact that he has managed to keep them at the ranch could be utilized by the Beck brothers as their next move. And if that happens Kayce and Monica will be damaged forever. 


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