Yass, queen! Fab 5 just blessed us with a surprise 'Queer Eye' episode from Down Under

 Karamo, Tan, Bobby, Jonathan and Antoni took their expertise to a quaint little town called Yass in Australia.

                            Yass, queen! Fab 5 just blessed us with a surprise 'Queer Eye' episode from Down Under
Fab 5 Freddy and Vikram Gandhi (Source : Getty Images)

The fab five are back in less than 15 days after the season 2 premiere on Netflix. No, we are not talking about a full-fledged new season, but we will take what we can get. Karamo, Tan, Bobby, Jonathan and Antoni took their expertise to Yass, Australia and took over not one but two makeover projects.

Also, can we spend a second talking about the showrunners' expertise in picking the right places? We went to Gay, Georgia and now we find a quaint little town called Yass in the land down under? Talk about a perfect double entendre.  

The episode was only about 20 minutes long, and the boys got to spend only a fraction of the time they usually get to spend with their "heroes" while in Australia. The Fab 5 decided to divide and conquer, with Karamo, Tan and Jonathan sticking with cattle farmer and former rodeo cowboy George – who was nominated by his handsome son Levi. Meanwhile, Bobby and Antoni went over to give the local Yass pub a visual and culinary makeover.

As we have come to expect from all 'Queer Eye' episodes, this Australian one too was peppered with heartwarming moments that had us reaching for tissues, a loving exchange of promises and declarations of love – this time around, between George and Levi – and all-around happiness and joy. 

In the end, the five experts got the recluse George to not only admit that he wants to spend more time with his family and even "get laid," but also that he is inspired by his son. Meanwhile, Antoni was able to give his insight into making the Yass pub more "international," even as Bobby accentuated the historic elements of the building while renovating it.  

Earlier this month, we saw the Fab 5 getting crowned – and literally becoming Queens – while visiting Yass, Australia. The town's mayor Rowena Abbey had surprised them with crowns and making them the honorary queens of Yass.   

They were in Australia as part of the promotional tour for 'Queer Eye' and during this period, the Fab 5 were seen doing many cool things, including guessing Australian slang and testing out their Australian accents.  

Netflix had released a mini-episode like this one post season 1 as well, where we saw the Fab 5 visiting the office IT department of their parent company's Los Angeles headquarters. Antoni, Tan, Karamo, Bobby and Jonathan had made over John Campbell, manager of the LA NERDS team.

However, that episode was a mini-mini episode, lasting only just about seven minutes long. We are definitely glad Netflix has blessed us with a longer surprise episode this time around. 

Now only one question remains in the minds of 'Queer Eye' fans. When's Netflix going to add season 3 to their library?