Shocking video shows Asian woman shot dead after stabbing cop delivering eviction notice

Shocking video shows Asian woman shot dead after stabbing cop delivering eviction notice
The four officers have been reportedly placed on desk duty (San Diego County Sheriff)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Chilling bodycam footage has captured the moment a San Diego woman was shot dead after she stabbed a cop serving an eviction notice. The video shows Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Bunch knocking on the door Yan Li, 47, at the Acqua Vista Condominiums on March 3.

“Here’s a notice to evict,” Bunch tells Li, who has a large knife at her side. Drawing his service weapon, the deputy shouts, "Put the knife down right now or I’m gonna f—- shoot! Put the knife down. Put the f—- knife down!”


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“How could I know you are not intruder?” Li says, accusing the officer of being a fake cop as he continues asking her to lay the knife down. “Put the gun down, ma’am, I’m gonna shoot you! Put the f—- gun down,” he yells as Li asks him where his badge is. She then throws the papers down and slams the door shut. A sergeant with the sheriff’s department shouts at Li as she continues to yell from behind the door.

The footage then resumes over a half-an-hour later and San Diego police officers arrive with dogs. Police reportedly learned that there was an instance where Li had threatened her complex’s managers and a maintenance worker with a knife, the San Diego Union Tribune reported. “Based on this reported crime, there was a threat to public safety,” the video says. “This is also probable cause to arrest Li for assault with a deadly weapon.”

Police then enter Li's apartment using a key, after which a deputy is heard shouting “bean bag” before firing the less-than-lethal weapon at the woman. Li then charges at the officers, who retreat. Several officers stumble to the floor amid the chaos. Shots are fired at Lee who falls face down as one cop yells he was stabbed. The four law enforcement personnel who opened fire were sheriff’s Sgt. Daniel Nickel, deputies Javier Medina and David Williams and police Officer Rogelio Medina.

According to Los Angeles civil rights attorney John Carpenter, the incident is a “classic example of unnecessary escalation of a conflict resulting in a lawful shooting.” “The (deputy’s) job was done, he’s a process server … you serve the process and then leave," he said, describing Lee as “a woman in crisis who is losing her home and who is being aggravated by the situation unnecessarily by law enforcement.” The four officers have been reportedly placed on desk duty. An investigation into the shooting is underway.

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