REVEALED: The crazy diet that keeps the 'Human Lamborghini' in tip-top shape

Yakiboy is an Iranian refugee turned bodybuilding Australian social media star. Thanks to his toned physique, and full body tattoo, Hossein has managed to ace Instagram.

                             REVEALED: The crazy diet that keeps the 'Human Lamborghini' in tip-top shape
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A bodybuilding Australian social media star, who goes by the name 'Yakiboy', has opened his fridge to reveal the diet that keeps his 107kg body going all the time. While he is conscious of what he is eating, he also ensures that he has a fixed routine when it comes to working out at the gym. Hossein Balapour, an Iranian refugee, makes a living by posting pictures of his chiseled body on social media while modeling for different clothing brands. Speaking to Daily Mail, the social media figure has explained how he crafted the physique he humbly describes as 'the Lamborghini'. Hossein's day starts with a healthy shake that he creates by himself using fresh almond milk, banana which also consists of six egg whites blended in it. 

"I need six because I'm six foot five," he explained. "I'm a big boy - normal people only need four." In order to keep the strength that he has now, Hossein ensures that he has around five or six meals a day. In order to give the maximum nutrition to his body, he usually indulges himself in food that is rich in protein. "I love chicken!" he said, along with plenty of greens, such as fresh fruit and vegetables. His meals usually consist of breakfast, which is followed by brunch, lunch, a pre-gym snack or gym smoothie, dinner. 

At night he sometimes has healthy green juice which is made using a blend of celery, carrot, ginger, and apple - or a protein shake with a dollop of Nutella. The weekly grocery trip costs about $400, but luckily for him, he gets a great deal for it because of his gym membership. "I like to train by myself, tough and quick," he said while adding he usually powers through a gym session in about an hour. 

Hossein goes to the gym regularly six times a week and each day is kept for a different workout. For instance, Monday is set aside for chest and triceps, Tuesday for his biceps and his front shoulder. The seventh day is for rest or a bike cardio session. "Cardio is very important for training. If you want a good body, cardio helps so much," he said. "Bike is the best and running is the best too." While everyone who is new to the gym has the idea of lifting heavy weights, Hossein advises that do not engage in doing so until you have mastered the technique. 

"When I'm usually training heavy I use my technique to get the focus on my actual muscles," he said. "I see a lot of boys training heavy but not right." While Hossein has managed to gain a large fan following on social media, his life was not always like this. He revealed that he came to Australia about five years ago on a rickety boat and ended up in the Christmas Island detention center before being granted a visa. However, thanks to his toned physique, and full body tattoo, Hossein has managed to win many followers. 

At the same time, he models for brands making about $1500 per photo shoot which helps promote products online, alongside personal training. "I'm six foot five, why shouldn't I make money from my body?" he said. Hossein also revealed that a number of girls message him on social media with flirty texts but he admitted that he is a happily married man whose wife is soon going to give birth. "A lot of boys spend a lot of money on the girls, buy a handbag, this, that," he said.  "I tell them I'm the Lamborghini - you don't need a Lamborghini, I'm the Lamborghini.'" However, despite his body that many would love to have, Hossein admitted that in his perception things are different as he says, "in my head, I feel skinny."