'XO, Kitty' Ending Explained: An unexpected confession shocks Kitty Song Covey as Min Ho expresses his true feelings

'XO, Kitty' Ending Explained: An unexpected confession shocks Kitty Song Covey as Min Ho expresses his true feelings
Min Ho surprises Kitty Song Covey in 'XO, Kitty' Episode 10 (Netflix)

Spoilers for ‘XO, Kitty’ Episode 10

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: When a spin-off series of the popular Netflix movie ‘To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before’ was announced, everyone had mixed feelings. However, after the ten episodes of ‘XO, Kitty’ people might change their minds. ‘XO, Kitty’ Episode 10 was filled with a bunch of sappy cliches, but that’s what ultimately made this episode so special, not to forget the unexpected ending.

When Kitty Song Covey was leaving KISS after getting expelled, her dorm mate/sort-pf friend/the guy who agonized her barely said goodbye as he walked away from her. Yes, we are talking about Min Ho, who had clearly developed some sort of feelings for Kitty, but the intensity of it was revealed in ‘XO, Kitty’ Episode 10, at the very end.


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Min Ho finally confesses

Kitty first was in love with Dae-heon Kim when she arrived in Korea, and then after a few episodes, she developed some very strong feelings for Yuri Han. However, if you are a true romance aficionado when it comes to movies and shows, then you might have noticed a few moments between Kitty and Min Ho. Now these moments weren’t really addressed until the very end of ‘XO, Kitty’ Episode 10. In this series finale, Kitty and Dae have a classic airport scene, and while they end on cordial terms, admitting that the other was their first love, it ultimately ends with them breaking up.


After that, in the airport, Kitty runs into Yuri, who is waiting for her girlfriend, Juliana. Once again, Kitty tries talking to Yuri but their conversation is cut short with Yuri and her girlfriend’s reunion. With a sigh and a saddened heart, Kitty makes her way to the flight. As she sits down, she finds out that the person next to her is none other than Min Ho! This was a pleasant surprise for viewers and Kitty. As the two of them talk, Kitty mentions breaking up with Dae, and that’s all the push Min Ho needs to confess his love to Kitty. Now this wasn’t much of a surprise to the viewers, but definitely Kitty. Flushed cheeks, flustered expression, and wide eyes, could this be Kitty’s next big romance?

Is there scope for Kitty and Min Ho?

Netflix has definitely made it a point to leave enough room for another season, should it happen. In addition to the confession at the end of ‘XO, Kitty’ Episode 10, Kitty also reads the unopened letter that her mother had sent Principal Jina. This letter mentions a man named ‘Simon’ but nothing beyond that. Could he have been Kitty’s mother’s first love? Clearly, there’s a lot more Kitty needs to figure out in regard to her love life and her mother. Let’s hope ‘XO, Kitty’ gets renewed for another season!


You can stream all episodes of ‘XO, Kitty’ on Netflix from May 18, 2023

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 'XO, Kitty' Ending Explained: Is love on the horizon for Kitty Song Covey?