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'They deserve more': #WWEWomenDeserveBetter trends as fans slam organization for ignoring female stars

During WWE's party on January 23 to mark the 30th anniversary of the show 'RAW', two instances left fans fuming
People have slammed WWE for ignoring the female stars and as a result, #WWEWomenDeserveBetter is now trending on twitter (WWE website)
People have slammed WWE for ignoring the female stars and as a result, #WWEWomenDeserveBetter is now trending on twitter (WWE website)

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA: WWE held a party on Monday, January 23, at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The party was held to mark the 30th anniversary of the show 'RAW'. A special episode of 'Monday Night RAW' was ordered with anniversary-themed guest stars and stipulation bouts. However, many viewers were dissatisfied with the treatment of the women’s division.

As per Venture Jolt, the outrage was caused by two major incidents that occurred off-screen. The first one being the scrapping of Becky Lynch and Bayley’s Steel Cage Match as The Bloodline ran over during their Sami Zayn trial segment. The second incident was Nikki and Brie's strong accusations against WWE for leaving out stars like Sasha Banks and Paige from the night’s archival footage. These developments have prompted netizens to express their frustration towards the organisation. People have slammed WWE for "ignoring the female stars" and as as a result #WWEWomenDeserveBetter is now trending on twitter.


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A Twitter user called out WWE for being "disrespectful to women in wrestling". "This is so disrespectful to women in wrestling who put in their efforts to make that company work day by day, what happened on raw seems so pathetic to me, those womens carried the show every week to being treated this way, the girls deserve better!!" wrote the user. Another user added, "Unfortunately, women's matches in wrestling historically have been viewed as "special attractions" much like "midget" matches. Times haven't changed that much." Another user wrote, "In a show celebrating 30 year of RAW, WWE decided to snub the countless women made this show what it is now."




Another user agreed pointing out that WWE "didn't mention Chyna Joan Laurer, Sherri Martel and Luna". "What’s sad they didn’t even mention @ChynaJoanLaurer or even Sherri Martel and Luna and many more that’s sad Wwe only promoted before raw so that people can tune in that’s my guess sad #WWEWomenDeserveBetter even not having many divas champions enough is enough," wrote the user. A user felt that the female wrestlers "deserve much more," and wrote, "With the lack of opportunities and barely any invested storylines, these women still deliver EACH WEEK and they deserve so much more then what they get!! give them more time, proper storylines, more women on tv, long matches on tv + more."

Another user believed that the WWE was "holding women back". "The WWE Women’s Division will fully skyrock the day WWE themselves finally acknowledge they were always the only thing holding women back. Until then, they will keep on ignoring talents like Melina, Kelly Kelly, LayCool, Eve Torres and Alicia Fox on TV," wrote the user.




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