'Wu Assassins' Jenny and Tommy reflect on how the supernatural, martial arts show hits the mark with relationships and responsibilities

'Wu Assassins' Jenny and Tommy reflect on how the supernatural, martial arts show  hits the mark with relationships and responsibilities

Netflix will debut its supernatural martial arts drama 'Wu Assassins' on Thursday, August 8, and there is more to the show than meets the eye. While it's the action flick you would want to geek out on, you are in for a surprising amount of real human emotions and connections.

The series, which narrates the story of an aspiring chef, Kai (Iko Uwais), who grew up in the mean and dangerous streets of LA's Chinatown, will also see a beautiful depiction of people who are traumatized by the things that happen around them and are shaped by those very experiences. Iko, specifically, is surrounded by three of his best friends who care for him, but it is clear almost right away that something deeply wounding has broken their relationship – something too deep to fix.

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As actress Li Jun Li, who plays Jenny on 'Wu Assassins' tells MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), "They certainly have a past. The four of them were incredibly close and had their own dreams, but life happens, and external circumstances have led them down different paths." Li's Jenny especially, has a special place in Kai's heart, and while she remains tight-lipped about what happened between the entrepreneur and the chef, she breaks open her "Twitter lingo" dictionary to say, "I would 'ship' them."

Jenny's relationship with her brother Tommy (Lawrence Kao) is also pretty beautiful to watch on screen. Despite their differences and their personal issues, they try to be there for each other. Kao even tells MEAWW that even though both of them are single children and did not prepare together at all to play the Wah siblings, their chemistry on the show is palpable.



"What she brought to the table and what I brought to the table... it just was a magical thing. I feel like we really bonded and really experienced what it's like to be siblings right when they call to action," says Kao, adding how on sets it definitely felt like Li was his sister.

Kao also speaks about the fact that 'Wu Assassins' is one of the very few shows that boasts of a diverse Asian-American cast. "We don't really get to see that and the relationships that are developed between characters are exciting," says Kao.

It really does become the backbone of the show, these relationships, and it explains a lot of the actions that most main characters engage in. The fans of the show are definitely going to relate to the relationships and characters.


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