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Ishita Verma

Ishita Verma

A 23 year-old, with love for writing and music. Currently, working as an SEO writer for MEA World Wide. Selenophile.

MrBeast suggests Elon Musk to gift a Tesla Cybertruck to YouTuber Marques Brownlee, Internet says 'that would be amazing'

Marques Brownlee celebrated his birthday recently and while commenting on his birthday post, MrBeast had an interesting suggestion for Elon Musk
Dec 4, 2023

Andrew Tate describes men exhibiting emotional control like women as 'aggressive', Internet calls him 'misogynistic'

After Andrew Tate made a statement about men's emotional control, mocking women in the process, several social media users slammed his 'misogynistic views'
Dec 4, 2023

Andrew Tate's 37th birthday bash clip creates buzz across Internet, trolls say 'this is haram'

Internet reacts to Andrew Tate's birthday celebration video that has gone viral
Dec 4, 2023

Tristan Tate shares fans' verdict on his chances of entering Alabama, Internet says 'quit asking for permission'

Tristan Tate asked his fans in a poll if he will be allowed to visit Alabama
Dec 4, 2023

Andrew Tate willing to go to 'jail' for brother Tristan Tate, Internet says 'family always first'

Andrew and Tristan Tate often display the close bond they share through tweets and on podcast episodes
Dec 3, 2023

Tristan Tate shares video of orphan children celebrating Andrew Tate's birthday, Internet says 'this is so sweet'

Andrew Tate turned 37 on December 1 and fans flocked to his account to wish him then
Dec 3, 2023

Andrew Tate criticizes men for making first move on women in recent tweet, Internet labels him 'loser'

Andrew Tate's views on dating and relationship dynamics have been criticized for their perceived misogynistic and harmful nature
Dec 3, 2023

Andrew Tate surprises fans by confessing he misses America in tweet, Internet asks if he got 'hacked'

Andrew Tate was trolled online over his inability to travel to America as he claimed he misses the country
Dec 3, 2023

Internet unimpressed with Tristan Tate’s ‘hit’ idea for MrBeast’s next video: ‘Kills the actual point of games’

Tristan Tate's fans wondered if he would be part of the challenge that he suggested to MrBeast
Dec 3, 2023

Tristan Tate calls out X users who send him ‘urgent’ messages seeking money: ‘Don’t waste my time’

Tristan Tate's fans said that some of the people who seek financial help are online scammers, while some are just desperate
Dec 2, 2023

Tristan Tate compiles list of actors he resembles, fans say ‘Billy Zane and you could be twins’

Tristan Tate posted images of four actors he feels he has a striking resemblance to
Dec 2, 2023

Internet backs Tristan Tate’s critique of Ridley Scott's 'Napoleon' as 'humiliating' biopic: ‘Such a shame’

Tristan Tate said, 'This movie is more humiliating than any real battlefield defeat
Dec 2, 2023

MrBeast announces challenge video with $10K daily prize for staying in a store, Internet calls it 'light work'

MrBeast hyped up his upcoming video as he explained that anyone staying at his grocery store would earn $10K daily
Dec 2, 2023

'Happy birthday Andrew': Heartwarming fan wishes flood in for Top G as he turns 37

DNG Comics called Andrew Tate world's number 1 superhero on his birthday
Dec 1, 2023

Internet labels Andrew Tate ‘misogynist’ after influencer comments on women’s driving skills

Andrew Tate commented on women's driving skills in a recent post on X, inviting social media backlash
Dec 1, 2023

Andrew Tate likens himself to Elon Musk and Donald Trump, gloats about being an 'epitome of free will'

Andrew Tate slammed for comparing himself with Elon Musk and Donald Trump
Dec 1, 2023

Andrew Tate labels 10-year-old boy 'nerd' for starting petition against Apple, Internet dubs Top G 'weirdo'

Andrew Tate reacts to the news of a 10-year-old boy starting a petition against Apple due to an emoji
Dec 1, 2023

Andrew Tate posts cryptic verse in an ode to his mystery lover, Internet dubs it 'Poetry at its peak'

Andrew Tate's fans raid his comment's section to question him about the mystery woman's identity
Nov 30, 2023