'Worst Cooks in America': Culinary Games 2020, Japanese cuisine and 2 eliminations make Episode 2 exciting

Chef Alex Guarnaschelli and Chef Anne Burrell had their recruits participate in Culinary Games 2020, taught them to make sushi and prepare a Bento Box in the episode

                            'Worst Cooks in America': Culinary Games 2020, Japanese cuisine and 2 eliminations make Episode 2 exciting
Darian, Alex Guarnaschelli, Anne Burrell and Denise (Food Network)

Last week, we saw Chef Anne Burrell and Chef Alex Guarnaschelli form their teams on the show and eliminate one contestant each, after a baseline and a main dish challenge. Tonight, we saw the chefs try to improvise the skill sets of their recruits by having them do small challenges like whipping cream, squashing tomatoes, chopping onions, deseeding jalapeno's as well as test their food trivia in the culinary games. There was a game that required recruits to make a basket with a baguette and we are trying to wrap our heads around how the skill of throwing things around in the kitchen might come in handy. Help us understand in the comments below.

Coming back, chef Alex Guarnaschelli's Team Blue won the competition 4-2 against chef Anne Burrell's Rocking Red Stars. Then came the cooking challenges and the theme for the same was Japanese cuisine. For the first challenge, both the chefs displayed how to put up a plate of sushi, in a masterclass kind of a setting. After taking down notes from watching their respective mentors' cooking session, the recruits were now ready to take on the challenge.

Facing difficulty in the challenge from the Rocking Red Stars was Dolores and Zac - the former forgot to put tuna in her sushi and the latter didn't have enough time to cut the sushi roll so he improvised and named it "hand rolls". Smart work, Zac! Wasn't it smart? Weigh in.

Louisa from team Blue is well put together in appearance, the extensions, the makeup, everything is great but was it the same for her plate? Her mentor Guarnaschelli was heard saying "Your plate of sushi might be served better in dim lighting". Classy burn, Guarnaschelli. Also, another surprising thing from today's episode was how both the chefs were so supportive of the recruits, even chef Burrell. That was a refreshing change but we missed the strictness. Somethings should just be left as they are. We hope to see Burrell breathing hellfire down the recruits necks, next week and even chef Guarnaschelli. Even though these are pre-taped episodes, we can still hope. 

For the final challenge which was also an elimination challenge, the recruits were asked to recreate their respective mentors' Bento Box. Ari from the Blue team and Domaine from the Red emerged at the top of this challenge. "Yo" and Brianna and Erin and Evan from Blue and Red teams respectively were in the bottom two and after some deliberating Brianna and Erin were sent home. 

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