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'Worst Cooks in America' Season 20: Darian and Dolores evicted while Zack and Ari advance to final cook-off

In the final episode, Zack and Ari will be required to create a three-course restaurant-grade meal for guest judges Mary Giuliani, Julian Rodarte and James Tahhan
UPDATED JUL 27, 2020
(Food Network)
(Food Network)

Come next week, 'Worst Cooks in America' Season 20 will crown one recruit as the winner. The season started with 14 recruits from across America competing on the show and now it's down to just two contestants in the finale. Model Zack Ignoffo from Chef Anne Burrell's Red Rocking Stars and from Chef Alex Guarnaschelli's Blue Team, Ari Robinson, supermom of five children from Simpsonville, will be competing against each other in next week's episode. 

Darian Barnes from Team Blue and Dolores Aguilar-Fernandez from Team Red was also a part of the competition till tonight's (July 26) semi-final episode. This was also a family special episode as well and all four contestants had their close ones coming into the 'Worst Cooks' kitchen to experience their cooking. Ari's sister, Zack's father, Darian's wife, and Dolores's husband were all a part of the episode and they were mighty proud of them for coming this far along into the competition.

Each recruit was required to create a different dish in the challenge. Ari was assigned to create shrimp and grits, Darian had to create pan-seared fish with asparagus. From the Red Team, Zack had to prepare seafood linguine and Dolores had to create a rib-eye with mashed potatoes. Except for minor mistakes, such as lack of salt or slightly undercooked pasta or unevenly seared steak, all four dishes received great feedback from the chefs as well as the family members. However, there could only be two people advancing towards the finale. When it came to making their final choices as to who'd represent them in the final cook-off so that they could earn bragging rights, Chef Burrell chose Zack and Ari was chosen by Chef Guarnaschelli. 

For the final cook-off, Zack and Ari will be required to create a three-course restaurant-grade food and they will be judged in a blind tasting by three guest judges: Mary Giuliani, Julian Rodarte, and James Tahhan along with their respective mentors. The winner will be going home with $25,000 prize money. 

'Worst Cooks in America' will air its finale episode on Sunday, August 2, at 9 pm ET only on Food Network.