'Worst Cooks in America': Wells Adams and Johnny Devenanzio to compete in next week's finale

The celebrity recruits were able to put up dishes worthy enough for them to be sent to the finale by their mentors, chef Anne Burrell and chef Tyler Florence

                            'Worst Cooks in America': Wells Adams and Johnny Devenanzio to compete in next week's finale
(Food Network)

It's 'The Bachelor' vs 'The Challenge' next week on the show as Wells Adams and Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio go head to head in the finale episode of this season. Adams represents the chef Anne Burrell's Rocking Red Stars and Bananas is representing chef Tyler Florence's Team Blue. Both of the celebrity recruits have had an impressive run over the past four weeks and the week 5 episode, gave the show its two finalists who are still standing in the competition courtesy the improvement they've exhibited. 

Adams sent away Sonja Morgan, Robin Givens and tonight he cooked and presented a plate of Halibut Tacos - the one that was a favorite with his mentor Burrell from the time he was setting up the ingredients for it on the station. The anticipation as to how this would turn out, in the end, was worth the wait as it turned out great and would have been perfect if it had more salt in it. Bridget began on a shaky note and it appeared that she lost confidence in herself and her dish after she burnt certain elements of her food right in the beginning and the streak just continued with her halibut not co-operating with her and not "wiggling" enough on the pan. Her halibut dish was no match for Adams' tacos and she was eliminated from the show. She, however, was able to take away $2500  for her choice of charity which happens to be Planned Parenthood. 

Johnny Bananas had a very tough time on the first episode of the season and if first impressions are anything to go buy, no one would have thought that he could make it to the finale. However, something clicked in him after the first episode and from thereon he was able to pack in a lot of punches through his food preparations. His food always tasted good and he had also become a kind of expert in the plating department. This does not mean that his competitor Dave Coulier didn't have the mettle to stay in the competition, he definitely did. Coulier too had an impressive run on the show but his dish tonight was plated well but he went overboard with the spicing which sent him home. Like Bridget and every other eliminated contestant on the show, Coulier was sent away with $2500 for his choice of charity. 

Next week is the final cook-off between Adams and Bananas. They each will require to cook a three-course meal for a panel of guest judges - Dan Churchill, Jeff Mauro and Grace Mitchell. The cook-off will be followed by a blind tasting and the celebrity recruit with the best tasting dishes will be crowned the winner of the show. Along with the winning title, they'll also be awarded a cool $25,000 for their choice of charity.  

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