'Worst Cooks in America': Brian Posehn's steak dish-aster makes him first celeb to be sent home

Sonja Morgan set fire to the kitchen but still managed to defeat Brian Posehn in a steak and sauce challenge

                            'Worst Cooks in America': Brian Posehn's steak dish-aster makes him first celeb to be sent home
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It was all about flavor combinations and steak dinners, this week on 'Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition'. Also, the kitchen bore a "Kentucky Derby" replete with a scoreboard like you see at the races and some stuffed horses.

Last week, we saw the hosts and celebrity chefs Anne Burrell and Tyler Florence pick their teams and this week it was down to business. The chefs had a fun activity planned for their recruits.

One member each was required to wear a blindfold, ride a stuffed horse across the kitchen to a counter where they had to taste an ingredient. After tasting it, they were required to guess it and pull a placard of the ingredient from the board on to their stations. Sonja Morgan's antics, Wells Adams's cheating and the very tall Brian Posehn riding the tiny stuffed horse made for a really fun watch. It was now time for the challenges to commence. For the first challenge, one member from both teams had to go toe to toe to create a crostini with a flavor combination decided by the judges. 

Anne Burrell's 'Rocking Red Stars' managed to ace most of the combinations including sweet-and-salty, spicy-and-sour, among other combinations. Not only did they defeat Tyler Florence's 'Team Blue', they each won an advantage that they could use in the next main dish challenge. Each of them got a time currency of three minutes, which they could use any time in their next challenge in case they were stuck somewhere and needed their mentor Anne Burrell to help them. 

For the main dish challenge, the celebrity recruits had to create a steak dinner with mashed potatoes. Before they could do this, chef Erica Nakamura was in the kitchen to educate them about different cuts of steak. After her quick session, Florence and Burrell put on a masterclass to teach their recruits how to cook up a steak dish with a side of mashed potatoes. The challenge for the recruits was to follow their mentor' recipes but they had to do their own spin on the mashed potatoes. 

A lot happened during the challenge. Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio sliced his finger with a potato peeler while Sonja Morgan set a sizeable fire in the kitchen, but thankfully there were no casualties. Robin Givens was a ball of nerves just like last time and used her time currency to get some calming energy from Burrell. At the end of the challenge, Morgan and Posehn ended up in the bottom. All was not lost for them as they still had a chance with a final 'Redemption' challenge.

Each of them had 10 minutes to rustle up a steak and sauce combination. Burrell and Florence left the kitchen before the challenge because this was a blind tasting. This meant that the chefs were about to choose the worst tasting dish without knowing the maker of the dish. Sonja made her challenge look very easy and this time she went through with the challenge without jumping up and down the kitchen. Her calm demeanor shocked her teammate, Bridgett Everett.

Brian Posehn's teammate 'Bananas' took it upon himself to 'coach' the former during the challenge because he knew Posehn crumbles under pressure. All this help couldn't help Posehn who became the first celebrity recruit to be eliminated this season.

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