World Penguin Day: 5 species, facts and 3 activities to celebrate

World Penguin Day: 5 species, facts and 3 activities to celebrate
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World Penguin Day comes ever year on April 25. This day is meant to celebrate one of the most popular birds on the planet, the penguin. These cute birds face an uncertain future due to climate changes, overfishing and habitat destruction. This day is meant to raise awareness about the conservation of penguins and their habitats. 

Penguins are not just known for their silly gait and their antics. Here are some interesting facts about penguins along with some information about five species and some activities that would make World Penguin Day more special. 


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5 Species of Penguins

1. Emperor Penguin



This species of penguin is the largest of all. They can grow up to 4ft tall and weigh up to 90 pounds. They are known for their striking black and white plumage and their unique breeding habits. 

2. African Penguin



This species of penguin is also known as the jackass penguin due to the loud noise they make. These penguins can be found along the southwestern coast of africa. African penguins are classified as an endangered species due to overfishing, oil spills and habitat destruction. 

3. Galapagos Penguin

This is the only species of penguin which lives to the north of the equator in the Galapagos Islands. This species is the smallest of all penguins and they adapt to the warm temperatures on the islands by spreading their flippers to cool off. 



4. Chinstrap Penguin

This species of penguin derives its name from the black stripe that runs under the chins of these penguins. They inhabit the Antarctic region and are distinguished by their unusual call, which is like a braying donkey.


5. King Penguin

The sub-Antarctic region is home to the second-largest species of penguins, the King Penguin. They are known for a vivid orange-yellow feathers on their heads and necks as well as their ability to dive to depths of almost 300ft beneath the surface in search of food. 

5 Facts about penguins

1. Despite being flightless, penguins are excellent swimmers. Thanks to their flippers, they can dive down to great depths while looking for food.

2. Sometimes, male penguins incubate the eggs in their brooding pouch.



3. Penguins digest their food very quickly. 

4. Gentoo penguins can swim up to 22 miles in an hour. 

5. Penguins have a thick layer of feathers that helps to insulate them from the cold and keeps them dry while swimming. 

3 Activities to Celebrate World Penguin Day

1. Plan a trip to local zoo

Visit a local zoo or aquarium that has different species of penguins and learn about their habitats, diet and conservation efforts. Children and adults can learn a lot on these trips.

2. Hear their sounds

Different species of penguins make different sounds. Listening to recordings of penguin calls will help you learn about how they communicate.

3. Do your own research

There are plenty of websites online and books that will help you learn about penguins, their habitats and conservation efforts. You can also speak to experts, if possible, who will be able to tell you more.  

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 World Penguin Day: 5 species, facts and 3 activities to celebrate