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Wonho scolds concert staff for not looking out for a fainting Wenee, fans say 'our hero'

Wonho first tried to alert the staff through his microphone but the delayed response enraged the singer
Wonho was spotted yelling at the staff mid-concert asking them to take notice of the fan who had fainted (@official__wonho; @Bonabonamana/Twitter)
Wonho was spotted yelling at the staff mid-concert asking them to take notice of the fan who had fainted (@official__wonho; @Bonabonamana/Twitter)

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA: While the world was reeling from the Astroworld Tragedy where multiple lives were lost during Travis Scott's concert owing to mismanagement of crowds, fans of K-pop had flaunted videos showing how well K-pop idols often took care of their fans during large concerts. It seems idols are as awesome as ever as soloist Wonho recently went viral for his 'best boy' behavior during his 2022 'Facade' Europe Tour.

Wonho performed in Madrid on September 2 before capping off the tour in London on September 4. A fan-captured video from the Madrid show has fans calling him the most sensitive K-pop idol ever. Aside from his insane physique and sensual songs, Wonho is known for how much he loves Wenees (fans of Wonho), and fans were able to see that love and care in person when he scolded the concert staff for neglecting a fan who was fainting.


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Wonho draws attention to an ailing fan

As per eye witness testimony from Wenees Wonho noticed that a fan in the audience had fainted and tried to alert the staff through his microphone. However, the apparently lethargic staff took way too long to react. Wonho then stepped up and yelled at the staff mid-concert in order to get them to act fast.

This is not the first time the otherwise cheerful and bubbly artist has lost his calm. Fans recall how he always gets extra concerned when it comes to his fans - this was the case even back when he was a part of Monsta X.


'I've never seen Wonho this angry'

Fans love the fact that the singer made one of their well-being a priority. One fan said, "Wonho is one man I would not want to make angry like he could probably crush you, but seeing him get angry at the staff for not moving fast enough to help the fan is actually nice to see cause it means he genuinely cares, and it make me so proud to have him as an ult." Another said, "Wonho’s such a sweetheart honestly seeing him angry is so rare." One fan noted, "I had no clue about him but I keep seeing stuff about him and he is literally so sweet? like a big, fluffy, clumsy bear?"

Meanwhile, one fan mocked a Travis Scott fan saying, "You’re stanning the wrong people then." Another wrote, "If i was the staff I would have shit myself…he looks so scary when he’s angry." Another responded, "He was just scared not angry." One fan said, "I stan the right man." Another wrote, "He's angry and frustrated that it's taking the staff a looooong time to do something. Wonho best boy." One fan said, "I've literally never seen Wonho that angry. Or angry at all." Someone else pointed out, "The way wonho yelled and got angry at the staffs because they weren’t doing anything even when the crowd are already signaling that someone fainted."










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