'Wonder Woman 1984' delayed to October 2020, fans say just 'release it on a streaming service already'

This sequel to 2017 'Wonder Woman' was set to release on June 2020 but now has been pushed to October this year because of the pandemic

                            'Wonder Woman 1984' delayed to October 2020, fans say  just 'release it on a streaming service already'
Gal Gadot (Warner Bros Pictures)

The year 2020 has definitely been one for the books with all the chaotic events it's been bringing our way. As the Covid-19 pandemic became a new reality with the lockdown procedures, many productions both TV and films were delayed and some had to stop their current filming as well. The same situation was faced by DC's 'Wonder Woman 1984' featuring fan-favorite Gal Gadot.

This sequel to 2017 'Wonder Woman' was set to release on June 2020 and fans couldn't have been more excited. But, fans had to contain their excitement as theatres across cities shut down to make sure safety procedures were being followed during the pandemic. While there were other release dates of the movie that were pushed back, Warner Bros Pictures had exciting news for fans, 'Wonder Woman 1984' will release on October 2, 2020. While this was great news, fans weren't having the hassle of delays and pleaded for a better solution. "WW84 is really shooting for a record with the amount of release dates its had," tweeted one upset fan.

"It should be released to the streaming platform! #WonderWoman1984," tweeted a fan with another writing, "Please release it on a streaming service already."

"I am so sick of #WonderWoman1984 being delayed that I don’t want to see it in the theatre anymore. I’ll just wait for it to go to streaming. What’s another year of waiting," tweeted another fan.

Some even spoke of the safety measures that could be breached during the film release as the pandemic is still ongoing. "#WonderWoman1984 There ain’t No Shot this movie is going to Theatres. It’s going straight to the streaming services so you can choose to watch it safe and comfortable in your home! The way it should be. Movie theatres are Over!!," tweeted one fan. Another one wrote, "This sucks. Might as well stream it. October is flu season!"

"Just delay it until 2021 because apparently we won't be back to normal until then," wrote another viewer with another replying, "Ok at this rate we all know COVID won’t be done until 2021, so can we just have #WonderWoman1984  released on demand please!? Like, I could have had @WonderWomanFilm in November 2019, but y’all delayed that release date even before COVID was a thing. #WW84."

It's not too bad though as some decided to stick with this as good news, with one tweeting, "Can't wait to see this one, the first one was so great. #coronascam or not #WonderWoman1984 I'm all in" to which another fan replied, "The date got pushed back! no surprise really, it is 2020. But some things are worth waiting for  Still sooooo excited for this!  #WW84 #WonderWoman1984"

The official page of the film took to Instagram to announce the new release date and Gadot herself took to Twitter to announce the news. "The new release date for WW84 is 10.2.20. Wow,it's finally happening, & I couldn’t be more excited! To all the fans that stuck w/ us through this time, thank u so much! We couldn't have done this w/o you.I'm so excited for you to get to see this #WW84 , it will be worth the wait ," tweeted the actress.

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