‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and Gal Gadot to make appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Reports

The director of 'Wonder Woman 1984' has already revealed the return of Chris Pine and confirmed the villain. SDCC might contain more sneak peaks of Gal Gadot in action as well.

                            ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and Gal Gadot to make appearance at San Diego Comic-Con 2018: Reports
Gal Gadot (Source:Getty Images)

San Diego Comic-Con 2018 is surely going to be a DC show and with the news surfacing about ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ and Gal Gadot's possible appearance, the excitement and anticipation of fans is getting hard to contain. With Walter Hamada in control of DC Films, it seems like a lot of decisions about the franchise are being set in stone. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is not the only film from the DC world to be gaining traction, they have several other projects underway. ‘Aquaman’ will be hitting theatres this December, while ‘Shazam!’ will premier in April. But there’s no denying that the ‘Wonder Woman’ sequel is the most anticipated film.

DC has already begun filming the sequel. Director Patty Jenkins is doing everything in his power to ensure fans remain excited till the release by dropping little snippets about the heavily-awaited film. On the very day filming began, she confirmed that fans will see the return of Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

Regarding the villain in ‘Wonder Woman 1984,’ Jenkins tweeted: “So excited to confirm the most thrilling news. Yes! It’s true. So incredibly lucky to welcome the sensationally talented Kristen Wiig to our 'Wonder Woman' family. Can’t wait to finally work with one of my favorites. And so excited by what we have planned.”

Gal Gadot too shared a few teasers of her superhero return. Another snippet about the film was released by an insider with the twitter handle @DanielRPK hinting that the ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Pedro Pascal will play a God in the upcoming film. Daniel R tweeted: “I hear Pedro Pascal's character is a God in disguise.” When asked if Pedro will be disguised as Steve Trevor, the user wrote, "Nope. That's the real Steve Trevor."

Meanwhile, production will continue through the summer but it definitely seems like fans are going to learn a little more about the sequel in Hall H and SDCC next month. For Deadline reported that plans are currently underway to bring Gal Gadot to Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con next month to show off her new look in ‘Wonder Woman 1984.’ Of course, DC is likely to focus more on projects that hit the theatres sooner. ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is set to release on November 1, 2019. 

Though news like this has been circulated several times, it seems quite legitimate this time around. Previous reports even claimed that DC would be revealing Kristen Wiig’s 'Cheetah.' Whether or not Gal Gadot makes a surprise appearance, SDCC is going to be big for DC with the ‘Aquaman' trailer debuting and possible footage of ‘Shazam!’ as well!