Outrage after people forced to wait hours to leave Trump rally: ‘Women peed in their pants’

People who attended Donald Trump's rally in Arizona could not leave before the leader left and they ended up peeing in their pants

                            Outrage after people forced to wait hours to leave Trump rally: ‘Women peed in their pants’
Attendees complained that many peed in their pants due to the long waiting as Donald Trump spoke (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images & TikTok/@special head)

Many people who attended former President Donald Trump's latest rally in Arizona ended up "peeing in their pants" because it was so difficult to leave. Thousands of eager people were in attendance for Trump's return to the stage in Florence, Arizona. Some of the attendees' excitement, however, was short-lived when they sought to leave the demonstration but were forced to wait for hours in the parking lot.

A long lineup of cars, as well as concerns about waiting hours in the parking lot, have been highlighted on TikToks and tweets that have gone viral. The Arizona Republic reported that ”many people leaving the venue had to wait more than an hour before they could exit the dirt parking lots and get on the road.” The huge lineups to get into the event, which is only accessible by a single two-lane road, were caused by the departure delay. A TikToker going by the handle @special_head had talked with individuals waiting to depart the former president's event. According to one woman, people couldn't leave until Trump left because the Secret Service needed to secure the route.


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A man wearing a "Gods, Guns, and Trump" t-shirt said, “The Secret Service can go f**k themselves. And f**king know how to do their job right.” Following that, a lady wearing a red vest with a USA emblem on the lapel claimed to be an attorney and that the situation was "bulls***" and that she had never had freedom constrained like this before. She said, "And of all locations, for it to occur. This was my first Trump rally. This is wrongful incarceration... They're treating us as though we're commoners. Let the VIPs go first, and who cares about the rest of us?" She also stated that before the general public could leave, Trump, shopkeepers, recreational vehicles, and others would have first priority.

@special_head Reply to @candissullivan How long can u be in Denial? As Commoners at Florence AZ #trumprallyfail #arizonatrumprally #trumpsupportersbelike #karen ♬ original sound - Mole Man



Another video from @special head claimed that some women wet themselves while waiting. This was not Trump's first time making folks wait for a long period at a rally. According to The Hill, hundreds of people were forced to wait for hours in chilly conditions during Trump's 2020 campaign rally in Nebraska. In other news, Twitter users reported miles-long traffic jams as they approached and exited the event. This was Trump's first rally since his reelection attempt failed. Trump will hold another rally in Texas later this month.


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