Female mob twerked and blocked ambulance from reaching Oakland shooting victims on Juneteenth

A mob of 1000 people, celebrating Juneteenth in Oakland, blocked ambulance from reaching a shooting spot where one person was shot and several injured

                            Female mob twerked and blocked ambulance from reaching Oakland shooting victims on Juneteenth
Snapshots of people twerking on top of ambulance near the Oakland shooting site where one person died and several were injured (Twitter/@infjlove)

The Juneteenth celebration in Oakland, California took a nasty turn after revelers climbed atop an ambulance as paramedics tried to make their way to a shooting scene. Several women were caught on video twerking on top of the ambulance, blocking it from making its way to tend to the victims on Saturday, June 19. A 1000 person strong mob had gathered near Lake Merrit to celebrate the occasion​ on the said night and they continued to party without showing any regard for the seriousness of the situation that had occurred nearby. 

Video footage of the event from the said day has gone viral on Twitter. It shows at least five women twerking near the side of the vehicle while some managed to jump on the hood. One person was also spotted on the roof of the emergency vehicle at one point. The roaring mob was seen partying it up and decided to make use of the ambulance for their own enjoyment. Police were present on the scene to monitor the situation right after the shots were fired around 6:22 pm on June 19, according to an announcement on the Oakland Police Department's Facebook page. 


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"On June 19, 2021 a large crowd of 5,000 gathered at Lake Merritt. Due to the large crowd gathering and vehicle traffic, OPD directed resources (Illegal Sideshow detail) to the area to monitor for public safety. At 6:22 PM, a shooting occurred in the 2200 block of Lakeshore Avenue. At this time, six victims suffered gunshot wounds, five males ranging from age 16-27 and one female 21-years-old," an excerpt from the announcement read. 

"One male, 22, was pronounced deceased at the hospital. The other five victims are reported to be in stable condition. Immediately after the shooting, Oakland Police Officers observed two men running from the scene with firearms. Both men have been arrested and two firearms recovered. Currently, the Oakland Police Department’s Homicide Investigation Unit will determine if the individuals are connected/responsible for this shooting," the statement read. 

As soon as the video got out, there was an outpouring of messages on Twitter condemning those who attempted to block the ambulance. "I really can’t get over that someone lost their life at a Juneteenth celebration, many were injured & mfs were twerking on the ambulance..... others kept “celebrating” after the fact. How did we as black people get here? I hate this for us so much. God save the youth for real," a tweet read. "Did anyone see the video of the shooting at the Juneteenth celebration in California? when the Ambulance shows up the people jump on the ambulance and Tweek, all over the ambulance? What the hell is wrong with these sociopaths? They disrespect their own celebration?" another user tweeted. "Black women twerk on an ambulance attempting to save a life who’d been shot on Juneteenth.?! I thought Black Lives Matter.. apparently NOT to these black twerkers.?!" read another tweet. 




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