Woman who left friend's two-year-old on stranger's doorstep blames child's mother for giving her 'bad directions'

Keairra Woods was slapped with a felony for child endangerment charges after leaving two-year-old Royal Prince Simmons in front of the wrong house and running away

                            Woman who left friend's two-year-old on stranger's doorstep blames child's mother for giving her 'bad directions'

The woman who was caught on tape dumping a friend's son on a stranger's doorstep has responded by placing the blame on the child's mother. 

Keairra Woods was slapped with felony charges for child endangerment after leaving two-year-old Royal Prince Simmons in front of a stranger's home in Spring, Texas on Wednesday night and running away even before the door was answered.

After the footage released by the police went viral and outraged the nation, Woods came out to confess, or rather blame the boy's mother for giving her bad directions. "At the end of the day, y'all trying to blame me, but it was really the mother's fault. I'm just an innocent bystander," she said in an interview on Friday with ABC 13.


Woods explained that she had offered to drop Royal off while the child's mother waited at a convenience store because of a restraining order against the mother by the girlfriend of the child's father.

"I followed the GPS. Mind you, I'm still on the phone with her, so by the time I get to the house, I say, 'Well, I just pulled up to the house.' She said, 'Okay, get out the car, get his bag and go to the door,'" Woods said in the interview.

"So I ring the doorbell, the lady walks like halfway to the door. That's when I took off running. And the only reason I took off running was because it was chilly outside and I didn't have no sweater on, as you can see in the video," Woods continued.

"I just feel destroyed because I love kids... Y'll making me look bad," Woods added.

The incident took place about 8.20pm on Wednesday, when the low temperature for the day was 56 degrees. 

Police released the video in an attempt to identify Woods and locate Royal's guardians after the boy was dropped off at the house next door to the father's home — although the father was not home at the time.

Following the investigation, it has been said that the father had received a text from the mother saying she would drop the child off in the afternoon on Wednesday; but when that didn't happen, the father believed the mom's plans had changed and left for the evening. 

Willie Simmons, Royal's father, told authorities he didn't realize what had happened until the footage was shown to him on Thursday morning. "What if my neighbor wasn't there? If my neighbor wasn't there, my son would have been roaming up and down the street," Simmons told ABC News.

"That was very irresponsible. And I feel the lady who dropped my son off needs to be held accountable."


In the 23-second doorbell video, we see Woods carrying the boy in one hand along the drive and carrying a monkey-shaped backpack in the other. She hastily approaches the door and dumps the boy and the bag. She then rings the doorbell, knocks on the door and sprints away, leaving the little boy standing clueless in front of the door. 

When the homeowner answered, the little boy was staring blankly at her with his belongings by his side. The woman took him inside and called police who then reviewed the surveillance camera footage.

The boy was taken into protective custody but, within several hours, tips from the public identified him. The street where the boy was left is full of large family homes worth an average of $275,000. There are parks, tennis courts and schools nearby, and many of the houses have large backyards with their own pools.