Sick trolls mock woman for 'faking' seizure after Rittenhouse verdict

Sick trolls mock woman for 'faking' seizure after Rittenhouse verdict
Woman has a seizure outside the courthouse after Kyle Rittenhouse's verdict (Twitter)

After Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted on all counts on Friday, November 19, a distressed woman yelled, “F**k America!” before collapsing and having a seizure outside the courthouse. 

The video went viral after it was shared by Kyle Hooten of Alpha News. In the video, the woman with dreadlocks was seen yelling in front of the reporters gathered outside of the courthouse before dropping to her knees and putting on a face mask with the design of the American flag. She then screamed the expletive before she falling face-down on the ground. Within seconds, her body started tensing up and shaking vigorously. “Put her on her side!” one woman shouted. “Call the police!” another person shouted. One bystander came to her aid by turning her over on her back and urging the reporters to stop recording. 




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'This verdict is literally inducing exorcisms'

After the video went viral, a number of people on social media were of the opinion that the woman might have been faking the seizure. "When the satanic demons inside you are pissed off the got defeated!!!" one of them said, while another noted, "Lord have mercy. She has stroked out over something that doesn’t even effect her in reality." A third added, "Mental illness of the Rittenhouse haters on full display." The next remarked, "She's faking a grand mal. They don't actually look like that." One more quipped, "Ive seen this before, I think that’s what they call ‘being possessed with the Holy Spirit’"

A commenter tweeted, "This verdict is literally inducing exorcisms." One of them took the opportunity to mock the Covid-19 vaccine, saying, "Damn that third booster kicking in." Another pointed out, "The 'Fuck America' scream didn't hit as hard as she thought it would so she instantly went into convulsions due to embarrassment." A person reacted with, "Not a seizure. Thats deliberate and exaggerated flailing, kind of like a toddler having a tantrum." One more wrote, "I say and do the same when the McFlurry machine is broken at McDonald’s."












'Not a Faker'

Hooten later tweeted, "For the record, it seemed to me this is a DEEPLY unwell person, not a faker." He also gave an update on the woman's condition as she was seen in another video being driven away in a car. She thanked everyone who helped her during her time of need. "She’s back, seems to have recovered from the episode earlier 'I’m still pregnant despite Kyle Rittenhouse and his demon eyes,' she says in this video," Hooten captioned the video. 


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