Kyle Rittenhouse trolled for expressing he wants to be nurse: 'I'd straight flatline'

'Imagine waking up in the ER to that creepy, puggy, prepubescent-lookin' face staring straight into your eyes,' a user said

                            Kyle Rittenhouse trolled for expressing he wants to be nurse: 'I'd straight flatline'
Kyle Rittenhouse was trolled on the Internet after his family's spokesperson told media that the teenager wanted to go back to school to be a nurse (Photo by Mark Hertzberg-Pool/Getty Images)

During the trial, Kyle Rittenhouse's defense had claimed the teenager was at the Kenosha riots to provide medical aid. A 12-member jury deliberated over 3 days before declaring he is not guilty on all five charges and David Hancock, a spokesperson for the Rittenhouse family discussed what's next for him. The 18-year-old stood trial for homicide along with other charges after shooting dead two people and injuring one at the Kenosha riots in August 2020. Rittenhouse was fighting back tears when the not guilty verdict was being read out in court and he collapsed in his seat after the final jury vote was read. The teen was trolled on Twitter for "ugly-crying" while another section on the Internet said watching him cry on the stand felt like a punch in the gut and served as a reminder that he is just 18. 

"The reason why I said Kyle Rittenhouse's crying was NOT fake is because it was from psychological trauma. He was reliving the fear he felt NOT the actual shooting. You can't fake that," a Twitter user wrote after many claimed that the teenager was just heaving and accused him of faking tears. "@KingJames
so did you see Kyle Rittenhouse shaking and crying when he was found innocent. Looked pretty real to me," another tweet read, addressed to LeBron James who had mocked the teen for crying during the trial. Another tweet read, "I love Kyle Rittenhouse. His emotions after verdict was read tells you everything that kid was feeling. He is a true American."


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Twitter reacts to Kyle Rittenhouse wanting to be a nurse

Hancock told Fox6 of Rittenhouse's future plans, after the verdict was announced. "He can be an 18-year-old young man," Hancock said. "He is studying pre-requisites at Arizona State University for nursing and he is going to continue that. We’re going to do everything we can to make sure he can live a normal life moving forward," he added. Hancock also addressed Rittenhouse's reaction after the verdict. Commenting on the same, as well as the photos of him grinning while leaving from the court premises, Hancock said there are no real winners in the case. "There’s no spiking a football; two people did lose their lives. There [were] a lot of things that affected this case, like politics that sent it off the rails really early on. There are no winners. Kyle now gets to live his life like a free young man," Hancock said. 

The Internet is brimming with reactions to the nursing news. "Kyle Rittenhouse 'wants to be a nurse.' Imagine waking up in the ER to that creepy, puggy, prepubescent-lookin' face staring straight into your eyes. I'd straight flatline," a Twitter user wrote. "Just heard on the news that Kyle Rittenhouse wants to go to school and be a nurse??!! Help me God," a second tweeted. "NO nursing program, ANYWHERE, should accept Kyle Rittenhouse as a student. He is not fit to be a nurse. He shouldn't be trusted with patients. They would not be safe with him. Any nursing program that accepts him should be boycotted and shut down," a third tweeted. "Nurses serve. Nurses care. Nurses value life, accountability, and non-judgment. Kyle Rittenhouse is the antithesis of all these things," a Twitter user who is also a nurse wrote. "Kyle Rittenhouse plans to study nursing. I wasn't aware the grim reaper needed a nurse," another tweet read.






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