Woman suffocated to death after being buried in cow dung by a snake charmer

Woman suffocated to death after being buried in cow dung by a snake charmer
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After protests against a ritual related alleged rape incident, yet another bizarre incident has come out of India.

A woman in UP died after being buried under a lump of cow manure, as a snake charmer's proposal to cure her from a snake bite

The victim, identified as Devendri, was bitten by a snake while she was going to collect firewood in a village called Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh.

Instead of taking the 35-year-old to the hospital, Devendri's husband Mukesh decided to get help from a local snake charmer who chose a superstitious cleansing ritual to heal the victim, according to The Daily net.

"My wife went out to get firewood and when she was collecting the wood, a snake bit her. We tried some medicines, ground powder, and tied a rope around her arm. But the snake charmer advised us to cover her in cow dung, so we did," Mukesh said to The Mirror

In a dire need to save his wife's life, Mukesh agreed to let the snake charmer to bury the mother of his five children in manure. According to Mukesh, Murrari the snake charmer convinced him to bury his wife in cow-dung saying it would help in sucking out the poison from her body.

The village citizens gathered around Mukesh's house and watched as the snake charmer covered her head to toe in manure. 75 minutes later they found out that Devendri died of suffocation after being buried for so long. 

"The snake charmer was confident he could help. We left her in the cow dung for 75 minutes. I never thought she would die, I really thought she’d survive, and it’d work. I never thought this would happen," Mukesh mourned.

In his defense, Murrari stated: "I’m known in this area to treat animal bites. I think the snake was a cobra. And yes, she died because she was buried."

After the demise of his wife, Mukesh is now left to raise their five children alone. There were no police reports filed about the tragic incident whatsoever.

"We are not aware of this incident at the station. No one has reported anything or lodged a complaint," local police station officer Anand Veer of nearby Kakod Police Station, stated.

In the end, India did turn out to be the land of the 'snake charmers'

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