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MY HUSBAND LEFT ME FOR MY DAUGHTER: Woman describes disgust as daughter, 18, is now pregnant with SECOND baby

What disgusted Tiffany more than anything else was that her daughter didn’t see anything wrong in this
UPDATED OCT 22, 2022
(Representational photo, Massimiliano Finzi/Getty Images)
(Representational photo, Massimiliano Finzi/Getty Images)

A mother took to Reddit to share how her dream family was shattered into pieces when her husband decided to leave her for her daughter. Tiffany was a single mother and had a three-year-old daughter while trying to get her life started again with a man. It was a hard road for her, but she did find love. A man who was ready to accept her daughter as his own, and build a family with them.

“My life felt perfect. In 2010, I had a son with my husband. My life was then complete. I had two kids. A great husband. A house. Car. Nice job. Life was great,” wrote Tiffany. However, her world came crashing down around her just after seven years of marriage when her husband, Mark told her one day that he is going to end their marriage, reports New York Post.


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Tiffany recalled in her emotional write-up on Reddit, “He told me that he was now in a relationship with my daughter and was leaving me for her.” He further said, “I couldn’t believe this. I couldn’t process it. I felt crushed, angry, disgusted, mad — every feeling I could feel. My now-ex-husband never gave me creepy vibes, but if he got with my daughter when she was 18, I’m sure something had been going on while she was a minor.”

What disgusted Tiffany more than anything else was that her daughter didn’t see anything wrong in this, “She doesn’t see how it’s wrong or gross. She doesn’t care about me. He doesn’t see an issue too, obviously. But my own daughter? Come on.”
The mother decided to cut them both out of her life a year later when her teen daughter got pregnant. She explained, “I had my ex-husband stop coming around completely, and my ex is OK with not seeing our son now that he has his ‘new’ family.”

The 40-year-old elaborated, “My son has had some hard times understanding why his sister and dad are gone, I haven’t told him the truth. Maybe I should, but he’s only 10. I told him his sister went to university and his dad had to go away for a while.”

Four years later the mother got to know from a close family relative that her daughter is now pregnant with a second baby. Tiffany is struggling while trying to get over this and move on with her life. “Her kids are my grandchildren, who also happen to be half-siblings with my son. How sick is that?! It’s disgusting,” she ends her story with that statement.