San Diego woman shares how she got details of fraudster who spent $135 using her credit card

San Diego woman shares how she got details of fraudster who spent $135 using her credit card
Lauren revealed the thief spent $135 on Olaplex (TikTok/ @absolutelylauren)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: A woman posted a very clever method online after finding her credit card was used by a fraudster. Lauren from San Diego, California, who goes by @absolutelylauren on TikTok, took to the video-sharing platform to share the whole story. The social media user reportedly said that one day she got a message, saying $135 was deducted from her card for shopping at Olaplex’s online store.

Lauren was sure that she had not bought anything from the haircare brand. However, before speaking to customer care about the transaction, she first thought of checking with her family members if they used it to buy the shampoo, per Upworthy.


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‘Definitely not my two younger brothers’

Lauren said on TikTok, “I don’t wanna shut my card down if it’s just my mom ordering some shampoo. Definitely not my two younger brothers, they’ve got good hair but they don’t color it.” Soon, she realized that she was cheated by someone else and took matters into her hands.


Instead of blocking the card, she reportedly decided to first find the fraudster. She contacted Olaplex’s customer service and spoke to a customer service agent named Tanya. Lauren said that she asked Tanya, “Hey, can you help me with something? If I can give you the time and date, purchase amount and card number and whatever could you let me know who placed an order?”

‘She could have very well taken advantage of me’

She continued, “At this point, I’m willingly giving Tanya enough info to steal my card as well — she could have very well taken advantage of me at that moment but she didn’t. She comes back — tell me why she gave me the little scammer their full government name and address.”


Eventually, with the help of Tanya, Lauren found out that a person named Jason from a suburb in Texas used her credit card fraudulently. “They also did it on Black Friday so at least they got a deal I guess, it was the gift set,” she noted. She said that after getting all the details about Jason she called the credit card company, which is probing the issue.

However, a TikTok user did not like the work Tanya did. They commented below Lauren’s video, “For some reason, I don’t think Olaplex was supposed to give that info.” To which, Lauren added, “I definitely gave them the option, but I explained that it was an unauthorized purchase, and if the name did not match anyone that I knew that I would just tell them to cancel the order and refund me, I told the girl that they would probably save everyone, a headache!”


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 San Diego woman reveals how she hunted down fraudster who spent $135 using her credit card