Watch: Woman yells racial slurs at family enjoying birthday at amusement park

Angela Gomez said that she and her family had gone to the amusement park in San Antonio early on Saturday, June 2 to celebrate a birthday

                            Watch: Woman yells racial slurs at family enjoying birthday at amusement park
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A video shared by a Latina woman on Facebook shockingly shows a Caucasian woman calling her a "w******" in what is seen as a racist rant at Six Flags Fiesta in Texas. 

Angela Gomez had written in a post on Facebook that she and her family had gone to the amusement park in San Antonio early on Saturday, June 2 so that they could celebrate a birthday. They got to the park ahead of time to sit at a few tables that they were planning to use as their base while they spent the whole day at the park.

According to Gomez, at around lunchtime, a family of four had approached them and asked if they could use one of the tables that the Gomez family were occupying. The Gomez's agreed and gave up one of their tables so that the family of four could use it.

After the family finished eating the meal, however, one of the children got up and sat on the table. Gomez's aunt asked if the boy could "not put his butt where people eat" because they were planning to use the table after the family left.

She said in an interview with My San Antonio, "We weren't yelling at her kid or anything like that. We weren't trying to be confrontational with them at all." 

The couple took offense to this and initially, the father just replied to Gomez's aunt's request and said, "He's just a kid". The family seemed like they were going to oblige the aunt's request before the wife suddenly started yelling out racist slurs at the family. 

She shouted obscenities at them like w******, which is a phrase that is aimed specifically at Mexicans living in the United States. The family also screamed at the Gomez's inappropriate remarks like "you're not welcome for the welfare" and "go back to Mexico".

It was at this point that Gomez took out her phone and recorded the racist rant. She told the woman to "say it again" and the woman obliged by shoving her face into the camera and yelling out the racist phrase. 

The video finally ends with Gomez yelling at the racist woman to "go to hell".

She said, "I was just shocked that that was actually happening. It seems lately that people are comfortable with that, with expressing their racism in public like that. If you have those views, maybe you shouldn't be out where there are whoever you're racist against. You can't treat people like that." 

Gomez then said that she was upset and disappointed about how employees of Six Flags responded to the racist tirade.

She added that there were no employees who reacted to the scene and that one employee working nearby came forward and asked her what had happened only 10 minutes after the incident.

The manager of the park finally apologized to them much later but Gomez said that the family is yet to hear from the company. They also said they want a refund.

A spokesperson for Six Flags said in a statement, "We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and deeply regret that this exchange took place in our park."

The original post that Gomez had put up was taken down by Facebook. She put up a follow-up post that says, "Before I get threats and angry messages from random people, Facebook has removed the video so please refrain from messaging me to tell me or question why it's gone. Thanks." 

Gomez is said to have later edited the post to clarify what had happened before she began recording.