Woman marries cow after it kissed her, says it's her dead husband reincarnated

The cow lives with the woman in her house and sleeps on the same pillows her husband used before he died last year

                            Woman marries cow after it kissed her, says it's her dead husband reincarnated
Khim Hang from Cambodia with the calf she believes to be her reincarnated husband (YouTube/Reuters)

A woman in Cambodia has married a cow she believes is her dead husband's reincarnation. 78-year-old Khim Hang has advised, rather ordered her kids to take care of the animal as they would of their father, until it passes away. The cow's funeral ceremony has to be carried out the same way as a human, Hang insisted. 

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'I believe the calf is my husband'

Khim Hang's story first came to light in 2017 after a video of the cow walking inside the one-story house went viral on Facebook. The cow was born on March 27 that year and became quite the internet celebrity after the video was viewed and shared multiple times. So much so that Khim Hang and her family were interviewed about their relationship with the animal. Hang told Reuters, "I believe that he (the calf) is my husband because whatever he does when he goes upstairs... it is in exactly the same way as he (my husband) did when he was alive."

She also said she was kissed by the cow and that it also licked her hair, strengthening her belief further. "When I went to see a medium, his soul came in and said 'I am your husband'. Then I noted that he (the calf) licked my hair, then my neck, then kissed me so that really made me believe that he is my husband," she added. Hang's seven kids and their neighbors share the belief as well. Her son Vandy says the calf only licks the hands of relatives while neighbor Lim Rith noted that the calf "loves his children". Hang has since married the calf and while there's no video proof of it, villagers confirm that it indeed took place. Hang has forbidden her kids from selling the animals or mistreating it after her death and asked them to care for their father. Click here to see the video. 

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