Woman FLINGS boyfriend's TV, PS5 out of 3rd-floor window for cheating on her in viral video

One of the woman's neighbors uploaded a video of her tossing her boyfriend's TV and PS5 out of her third-floor apartment window

                            Woman FLINGS boyfriend's TV, PS5 out of 3rd-floor window for cheating on her in viral video
A woman tossed her boyfriend's TV and PS5 out of a third-floor apartment window (TikTok/@noraisnotavailable)

After supposedly discovering that her boyfriend was cheating on her, a furious woman threw his expensive TV and PlayStation 5 out of their third-story window to the parking lot below. One of their neighbors, Nora Fitzgerald, captured the video of the unnamed woman flinging her partner's belongings down onto the street. Nora then uploaded the video on TikTok, where it has now gone viral.

According to Nora, after discovering her boyfriend's cheating, the woman chose to throw all of his goods, including his cherished PS5 and his large flat-screen TV, out the window of her third-story apartment, smashing them all. The woman wasn't seen on video, but a man — who looked to be the boyfriend — was seen standing outside, staring up at the window with his arms spread in confusion. "That's a TV and PS5 out da window, allegedly don't cheat on an Atlanta h**, there are consequences," wrote Nora in the video.


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She also stated, "This b***h is crazy, throwing out all of her man's s**t. She threw a whole TV out here." Nora went downstairs in another video that was released hours later to get a closer look at what was thrown outdoors. Aside from the TV and gaming system, the ground was covered with destroyed lamps, mirrors, pillows, and clothes. She went on to say, "I hope he got what he deserved" Nora stated in a third video that someone at the front desk told her that the lady was subsequently discovered following the man with an ax and that the police had to intervene. Many people commented on the incident in the comments section, with the majority agreeing with the woman.


@noraisnotavailable This is CRAZY!!! 😳 but ME TOO GIRL!!!!!! #GOOFF @mednight1998 ♬ original sound - Nora




Um an axe? Who snitched??

♬ original sound - Nora



One person remarked, "I think it's kind of sweet that she would give it back to him, she's so kind and thoughtful." “All I see is a mature queen helping him pack,” said another. Another person added, “Look at it like this, she saved him so many trips to getting his stuff. She did it the faster way.” Yet another TikTok user commented, “Aww, she's just helping him move!” On the other side, other viewers chastised the woman for her messed up and totally inappropriate actions. One person wrote, “This is so uncalled for.” Someone another remarked, “Just take him out without breaking his stuff. Breaking his stuff, this just messed up.” 

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