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Horrific crash sees woman passenger die after being THROWN OUT of Range Rover going at 120 mph

The black Range Rover barreled down the A40 Western Avenue in London before crashing into the metal barriers of the neighboring Tesla Charging Center
Woman dies after being thrown out of Range Rover in mid-air and crashing into a parked Tesla (screenshot from The Sun)
Woman dies after being thrown out of Range Rover in mid-air and crashing into a parked Tesla (screenshot from The Sun)

LONDON, UK: A woman passenger, 33, was killed instantly after she was 'thrown out of the Range Rover in mid-air’ after which her body collided with a parked Tesla after becoming airborne. An Uber driver in his 50s, who happened to be charging his Tesla vehicle in the area, witnessed the horrific A4 crash. 

According to his account, a black Range Rover at around 3.48 am on Monday, August 22, barreled down the A40 Western Avenue before crashing through the metal barriers of the neighboring Tesla Charging Centre before it 'flipped' onto a tube track at the Park Royal station in London.


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The woman believed to be the female passenger of the Range Rover died on the scene while the male driver of the vehicle is in critical condition in hospital. The other female passenger of the vehicle is being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The identities of the passengers are still not revealed by the officials. According to tweets by a local TV station, the Range Rover was going at a speed of 120mph.



However, the driver who was in the Tesla when the dead woman collided with the vehicle has been hospitalized for less severe injuries. The spine-chilling footage of the car crash was recorded by a remote camera on Nawaf Ali. Ali, 40, had just parked his Tesla and was talking to a colleague when the incident happened.

Ranger Rover crash at A4 (screenshot from The Sun)
Ranger Rover crash at A4 (screenshot from The Sun)

The footage shows Range Rover flying off the A40 and slamming through the Tesla Charging center, causing major damage to the major 3 charging points in a split second. Two Uber drivers who were charging their vehicles at that time narrowly escaped the car crash. Recalling the car crash, Nawaf Ali told MailOnline, it was like "something out of a horror movie," adding, "It looks like she had been almost ejected out of the car and collided with one of the charging stations and then gone into the side of the car. Where I was standing was where the car came over the barrier. If I had been standing a few feet away then I would have been hit. I am still shaking thinking about it."

Screenshot from the Sun
(Screenshot from The Sun)

"The other car did not hit the Tesla as it was much higher coming through the railings and was in mid-air. It was like something out of a horror movie, only much worse. I have never seen anything like it. The ambulance control asked me to check if she was breathing, but she wasn't. I still can't get the picture of her out of my mind and am still shaking now."

A police source told the media that the Range Rover crashed through the Tesla garage and "flipped into" Park Royal station. Later a specialized train arrived at the crash scene and removed the wrecked 4x4 at around 1.30 pm. The officers investigating the accident have announced that the Piccadilly Line and the A40 will stay closed for a "considerable period of time."